Review – Hot Toys 12″ Rambo III

31 07 2007

Rambo III was the movie that Sylvester Stallone had the best physique… ever. Watching this movie never fails to motivate me to get in shape… at least while the memory of scenes in the movie was still fresh. Stallone’s lats were bloody huge and the demarcation of each muscle group was never more chiseled. The audience was never in doubt that John Rambo was a veteran soldier capable of taking out an army.

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Showcase – Matrix Revolutions: Mifune’s Last Stand

29 07 2007


Here’s something I put together in the small confines of a shelf of my display shelf. Called Mifune’s Last Stand which was also the name on box of the Matrix APU toy. The other toy taking up all that shelf space is the multi-tentacled Sentinel. As seen from Matrix Revolutions, you know what a horde of these octopus-like machines can do when they run through you. Remember Mifune’s nasty cut on his face? Ouch. That’s gotta hurt!

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Incoming – Sideshow 1/6 Jabba’s Throne Set

27 07 2007

2 words starting with the letter ‘H’ describes the experience of breaking out my Sideshow 1/6 scale Jabba’s Throne set. They are ‘Humongous’ and ‘Herculean’. The unraveling of something this huge in my rather small study room is sure to catch the attention of Mrs SWFToys. “So this is Jabba the Fat’s throne huh?”, she went as her eyes inspected the black surface of the box. I rolled my eyes and for the very first time I said, “Give me a hand with this, will ya?”. I’ve never required her assistance breaking my toys and this time I really needed it. We opened the box, laid it on its side. Mrs SWFToys pulled on the styrofoam box within while I pulled the box in the other direction. Here’s what in it…

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Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Sergeant

25 07 2007

Here’s the last of the Endor Rebel Commandos trio from Sideshow – the 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Sergeant. And honestly, I’ve ran out of words to describe this Endor military series. So enjoy the pics of the box and look for the review ahead!

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Travel – SWFToys Back From Taipei!!!

23 07 2007

Ok, back from Taipei! Our 6 days there from 18 Jul to 24 Jul was really just 4 days of playtime. We arrived at our hotel at 9pm plus on the first night and we flew off from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 9.15am on the last day. Should scrutinise the travel plan in greater detail the next time! Anyway, it’s a really fun trip although we were visiting Taipei only. Besides the usual toy hunt report, I will also be posting some information on sightseeing as well. Even the toy hunter cannot hunt for toys for the entire trip right? Actually, for once there will be more sightseeing reports. I have to admit that there was limited success in my toy plan. But at least it’s a contribution of info for the next Taipei bound toy hunter. There will only be 2 pitstops featured this time. Watch for the backdated posts! For other stuff about Taipei, read on…

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Travel – Taipei 2007: Danshui

22 07 2007

Besides visiting the northeastern coast of Taiwan, the next day saw us taking the MRT all the way to Danshui which is the northwestern part of Taipei. The Danshui MRT Station is the north most end station on the red Danshui line. Travelling time from Ximen MRT Station was about 40mins. So what’s there at Danshui? Well, I would say more food!!! But that’s because the summer heat discouraged us from venturing further. So that’s how my assessment of Danshui came to be!

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Travel – Taipei 2007 Pitstop #2: Toy Land @ Taipei 101

21 07 2007

Here’s the second and final toy pitstop for my Taipei trip – Toy Land at Taipei 101. Thanks to the tip from Kenny, I immediately scanned through Taipei 101’s directory listing the moment we were embraced by the mega-structure’s cool air-conditioned interiors. Spotted Toy Land to be in Basement 1 and waited for the chance to prod Mrs SWFToys down the escalator when her shopping at Espirit was done. “My turn now.”, I said to her.

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