Review – Sideshow 12″ Princess Leia as Boushh

22 09 2007

I’ve hunted for a Leia in Boushh disguise 12″ figure even before Sideshow landed the Star Wars 12″ license. Hasbro’s Leia Boushh was my target and it came in a pack of three with Luke and Han. But despite my numerous bids on eBay, I was not successful. Most of the sellers were from the U.S and the U.S buyers usually outbid me easily as I had to factor in shipping charges. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just that I was unable to pose the Boushh armour next to my Hasbro Carbonite Han. With the release of Sideshow’s Leia in Boushh disguise figure, not getting the Hasbro version does not seem so bad now.

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Investigates – Boushh: Between the Name and the Race

10 09 2007

While blogging the Princess Leia as Boushh Incoming post the other night, I thought I’ll look up what a Boushh was in the Star Wars universe. I’ve seen and heard this word for sometime now but I never did got around to do some digging into its background. So I put in ‘Boushh’ into Google, hit enter and went for the Wookiepedia link. Lo and behold, Boushh was not really what I thought it would be.

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Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Princess Leia as Boushh

6 09 2007

Here’s my 2007 birthday present from Mrs SWFToys some days back – Sideshow’s 12″ Princess Leia as Boushh. No, it’s not Bush. No senior or junior here. Just Boushh. This Boushh disguise Leia has got to be one of the most sought after figures for myself. For one, I love that mask/helmet. Secondly, I would like to have a really nice Chewbacca towering over this figure in my cabinet someday! And this Leia in Boushh disguise will definitely have a thermal detonator in hand. Wait a minute… I can even have her stand before Jabba and his throne! What a cool thought… but Chewie has to come first.

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