Getting to Know This Blog

26 08 2006

With the start of this new blog, I have decided to have this introduction article to let me pen down all foundational information of this blog. Though this may be the first article, it will not buried in the archives as this blog matures.

 Let’s get started!

Well, this is not the original SWFTOYS blog as I had started a similar blog on Blogger. 2 months into that blog, I itched to do some customisation. To cut the long story short, Blogger did not have some features I wanted, I searched the Internet and it had led me to WordPress! So a day or two after reading up on WordPress, I decided to setup home here! Phew!

Why SWFTOYS? Well, SWF is my abbreviation for “Star Wars Fan”. Although I have been a toy collector for sometime, I will not forget the one sci-fi genre that had captivated me(an many others) while we were still kids. So the title of this blog is meant to be a tiny tribute to this huge movie-turned-icon that many on this side of the galaxy love!

With my growing toy collection, I have finally got down to doing toy reviews! Many thanks to the advent of blogs and WordPress. Trust me, doing reviews was harder than I had previously thought! A reviewer in me had to be more meticulous than the reader in me. Completing one review required going back to the toy on several occasions to verify certain questions, taking out another toy should a comparison be required. It was tough at first but gradually I found fun in the midst of it again.

So I must highlight that readers may find my reviews different from other toy reviewers. I do not religiously strip my 12″ figures to their nude bodies so I can examine their articulation or get them into gymnastic poses. I do not write to manufacturers to ask about the name of the materials used or examine variants under a microscope.

This is largely due to the fact that some of these toys are dear and I cannnot bear to see them having a loose joint. I do not play with them as I derive more joy viewing them from a distance or taking beautiful shots of them with my camera. I guess it is the imagination that toys give me that make me enjoy them.

If I ever strip, decapitate or knife a figure, it is probably to customise.

What I offer in my articles is greater understanding of a figure from a collector of my profile with a dash of personal musings. If you are not into microscopic details but is looking for a beautiful piece of toy-art to be displayed on your cabinet, I can offer you its macro details. Of course, that is if the toy review can be found here! 8P I do not believe one has to know all the details to be a fan of something. A fan is defined by the awe of that object in one’s heart. I am a Star Wars fan but I can’t even quote some of the popular lines from the Trilogy!

Anyway, maybe as I dabble more with toys as a reviewer, I may get more microscopic in the future. Then one day you will find the contents on this page to be different. But no matter what, be proud that of your love for toys for some go through life without being true to themselves but are led by the opinions of others.

Check in here again someday!