Showcase – Comparing Faces of 24 Season 4 and 5 Medicom Jack Bauer

15 11 2007

With 2 Medicom Jack Bauer figures in my collection now, it is inevitable that I will put both of them together for a shootout… minus the guns that is. First up is the Season 4 version with Jack in bulletproof vest. Now this figure looks even more slender than before when compared to the Season 5 Jack. Let’s take a closer look at their faces.

Whoa! Quite a big difference I would say! One looks pretty devilish while…

the other seems to have a saintly serenity about it!

There’s something about Season 4(or Day 4) Jack’s eyes that is unrealistic. I think it is the size of the eyes and the contrasting(as opposed to subtle) paint work on them. Staring at this face may make one hallucinate a pair of horns growing out of it after some time. The skin tone is also lighter which highlights those angry eyebrows and piercing eyes! Very devilish Jack here. Probably suitable for a Jack in Holding with a terrorist suspect!

My pic above for the Season 5(or Day 5) Jack does look a little monk-ish with the earth tone top. You can see how ridiculous the zip is here. It looks like Jacks head may be sawed off anytime by the zip’s teeth. Ouch! The sculpt is definitely much improved here. For one, the features in the face blend much better now. No one particular facial feature jumps out at you screaming for attention. The skin tone is also darker which should be the case since Jack is in the field pretty often. I find the Day 5 sculpt resembles Jack better as well.

So there you have it, improvement in the sculpt in Medicom’s Season 5 Jack Bauer! Let’s hope the Season 7 Jack would be even better. Maybe this time Jack’s sculpt will have a grimace!




3 responses

11 01 2008

To be honest, I’m not feeling too hot about the face sculpts on either of them especially considering the sculpts recently coming from Hot Toys… Jack Sparrow!

I’m most looking forward to new Batman figures from The Dark Knight. I wonder if Hot Toys will have something really improved considering Takara’s Batman Begins was the shitz (in terms of sculpt)!

17 04 2008

umm whan can u do a review on the side show gandalf and frodo?

21 06 2008

I have the season 4 Jack but I don’t have the season 5 Jack. I think one Jack Bauer figure in tactical gear from season 4 is enough for me.. Plus, I think the hair looks just about right and closer to Kiefer Sutherland. I don’t like the hair for the season 5 sculpt. From the pic, the season 5 Jack looks like a Vulcan from Star Trek minus the pointy ears!!! Hahahaha!!!

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