Incoming – Medicom 12″ Jack Bauer (24 Season 5)

3 11 2007

It’s the 50th review here at SWFToys. And the number 50 is special in different instances. Take comics, the 50th issue of a comic is often reserved for something special. Maybe time for an embossed/diecut cover or a major impact storyline. So in true comic-loving fashion, I’ve reserved the 50th review to a special figure. It is none other than Medicom’s Jack Bauer from the awesome 24 series! And this version of Jack is modeled after the Emmy winning Season 5!

It’ll be an exceptionally exciting moment to review this figure given that I am also watching 24 Season 6 now. I don’t know if I will end up playing with it after the high from watching the episodes. (Disclaimer: I don’t play with my 12″ figures by the way.) At the onset, I observe that the sculpt on this new Jack Bauer figure looks more realistically sculpted than the Day 4 versions.

It’s interesting how a Japanese toy manufacturer is able to produce 3 excellent figures of a character out of an American TV series while any American counterparts’ efforts to produce similar 1/6 figures for 24 are largely unknown. 24, after all, is largely based on a fictitious American government agency fighting terrorism on American soil with exceptional American agents in its ranks. Nevertheless, many thanks to Medicom for taking up the 24 license!

Look to the review!





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