Announcements – Change of Blog Theme for Year Two

2 09 2007

With Year One behind me and Year Two ahead, I guess it would also be a good time to refresh the look of this blog. WordPress has put out quite a number of new themes which I had resisted the temptation to change to. I am not really in favour of changing themes every other week. The current 2 column brownish theme works for the everyday purposes of SWFToys but one major problem is that the blog title is always competing with the pages. As more pages are put out, the blog title slides further down. At times, the tagline gets truncated. It has restricted me in putting out other pages that might serve a useful purpose.

And… I would like to have a header pic that I can call my own! Something to reflect the nature of this blog. I’ve yet to dream up something for the header but it will happen down the road.

So with this new theme, I get some reprieve with respect to these 2 aspects.

Enjoy the new look!



Announcements – SWFToys Heading to Taipei!

6 07 2007

Ok, so the prospect of boarding a plane and sitting in it for hours is before me again. This time, Taipei is the destination. I’ll be there from 18 July till 24 July. Somehow, after reading in the forums of other toy hunter’s experience, Taipei seems really no where near Hong Kong in the 1/6 aspect. A little disappointed but better now than being disappointed when on the ground.

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Announcements – SWFToys Heading To Hong Kong!

22 03 2007

I’ll be on a morning flight to Hong Kong tomorrow! I hope that it will be a fruitful trip for hunting toys. Got my maps all printed out this time. I’m sure that Hong Kong toy locations should be better documented this time. The 2005 Hong Kong trip gave me a better idea of the locations that I will be heading to. It’s easier to navigate around when you have some idea of what to expect when you are on the ground. The recent Japan trip on the other hand did get me thinking on how to better document the places that had been to for readers of this blog. So it’s a bit of shooting pics from the reporting point of view. I hope to do reasonably well at this for this trip!

I’ll be back next week with more toy news for Hong Kong! This is SWFToys… over and out.

Announcements – Demise of SWFToys Father-in-law

24 01 2007

My father-in-law passed away on 23 Jan 2007. As such, I will be away from the blog this week till the funeral is over. We shall resume our common passion after that!

Announcements – Tokyo Toy Plan 2006 Information Complete!

18 01 2007

I have finally finished documenting the pitstops in my Tokyo Toy Plan 2006. Took a while to put together all the pictures and words but it’s all worth it. Hope that it will benefit all other toy hunters enroute to Tokyo!

Check it out here!

Announcements – SWFToys Will Be Away In Japan!

9 12 2006

SWFToys will be heading to Tokyo Japan next week! I will there from 14 Dec to 20 Dec. As such, I will be absent from my blog for a few days. I hope to be able to find an internet cafe to at least note down my toy hunting experience. It is most likely that any pictures taken on the trip will only be available when I am back. Wish me luck in finding toys on my hit list!

Announcements – Reviews at a glance

13 10 2006

I’ve created a page to list all reviews within 2006 that SWFToys has covered so far. I hope this helps in navigating between reviews.

However, it seems that after a second page was added, the presentation theme is rendering the pages horizontally on the blog’s homepage. See the top of the blog as well as the ‘Pages’ section in the sidebar.

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