TIMRAM Case File 004 – AT-AT Driver001

15 11 2006

Unbeknown to many, an Empire facility was built on the Planet Hoth shortly after the Battle of Hoth. This facility served as a prison as well as a military research base. This facility was the source of rumours regarding the bioengineering of wampas into cliff wampas. It was believed that the Empire was somehow able to enlist cliff wampas in the protection of the Hoth base.

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TIMRAM Case File 003 – Stormtrooper001

4 11 2006

 Imperial Stormtroopers form the bulk of the Empire’s infantry. Although frequently viewed as blaster fodder to Jedi and better skilled combatants, it is undeniable that when out in full force, Stormtroopers can almost take any fortified position over time. And the Empire has so many of them in its service.

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TIMRAM Case File 002 – Sandtrooper002

25 10 2006

 Codenamed Sandtrooper002 at TIMRAM, this Marmit Sandtrooper LT arrived at HQ with his Dewback ride! It’s the first time that TIMRAM has such a huge resident. The official word is that it is still unknown if the high-ups here will take in that green lizard beast. A new facility will be required for it – that’s for sure.

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TIMRAM – Unveiling the Movement’s Logo

19 10 2006

Here’s an update as to what is happening within TIMRAM recently. I have actually come up with a logo! Well, a worthy movement needs a fitting logo for identity right? Ok so you have it – TIMRAM’s logo with its intention clearly spelt out.

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TIMRAM Case File 001 – The Sandtrooper That KickStarted The Movement

3 10 2006

This is the story about Sandtrooper 001.

Sandtrooper 001 had arrived at my home on a Thursday afternoon. I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival for weeks. Without delay, I picked up the parcel and scuttle into my study.

“Sknit!” and out came the blade of my cutter. With a precise movement, I ran the blade through the adhesive bindings of the box. It parted the box flaps like the Red Sea. I was then greeted by foreign newspapers upon opening it. I rummaged through it before I found the sandtrooper wrapped in a plastic bag in it. It was supposed to be a loose piece.

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TIMRAM – Inauguration of TIMRAM

29 09 2006

I’ve been contemplating on putting this matter into action for sometime. Something happened yesterday that sealed my resolve to form this personal vendetta called TIMRAM.

TIMRAM stands for ‘Taskforce for Initiating Mercy Rescue of Abandoned Marmits’. I will write about yesterday’s matter in a separate post later. This post is to officially kick off this ‘secret’ initiative.

So what is TIMRAM all about? Well, as the wonderful abbreviation has spelled out above, it is an initiative or identity to rescue as many Marmits being put on sale out there. TIMRAM is also dedicated for the care and restoration of Marmits. These beautiful figures can be mistreated by their former masters. It is TIMRAM’s mission to give them shelter as well as treating them with the respect they deserve.

I will be posting the case file of the each Marmit I possess. Each of them so far is special in their own way as I have come to notice. I absolutely love them for their quality and accuracy!

Now I need a logo…