Musings – Toasted PSU

11 11 2007

The posts here at SWFToys have been pretty late of late… I’m lagging by a month! Well, one of the chief causes for this is definitely the toasted PSU in my supposedly new computer. Some 6 months after building my gaming rig, Mrs SWFToys started complaining that a strong burnt smell present in the study when I am on my computer. She had to make the comment when I am fighting some clone soldiers in F.E.A.R. Without taking my eyes off the action on the screen, I just said, “You sure? I don’t smell anything.”

After much insistence on her part which bordered on getting angry, I paused the game and rolled my chair some 2 meters to her location. A few quick sniffs and I had to admit that something was on a hot stove somewhere. Admitting to the smell gave Mrs SWFToys due reason to demand that I shutdown my computer. I said goodbye to F.E.A.R and powered off. The smell came from one side of the computer and I was unable to trace the source.

Saturday came and I decided to check the intertwining maze of wires at the bottom of my desk. Lo and behold, I saw that the wire of my dry cabinet had a section melted had leaked ‘juice’. Triumphantly, I showed the evidence to Mrs SWFToys and convinced her that the problem was not with the computer. The paranormal stuff from F.E.A.R did not cause my new PC to start smokin’.

I thought our lego stacking of plugs on a multi-plug had overloaded somehow and so went to dismantle them. I moved my dry cabinet across the room, moved my toy boxes in the opposite direction and decided to move all plugs on top of the tables as they were trapping dust underneath. And of course, I had to mop the floor and wipe each cable clean. Man, it was really hard work. Couldn’t forget all the perspiration!

When everything was done, I booted up F.E.A.R and started putting some serious lead into the enemy. Mrs SWFToys popped into the room, took a quick sniff and remarked that something(or someone) was still BBQing somewhere. I had the most incredulous look on my face and said, “Where?” Somehow the smell was still present and the green light to start my PC was rescinded. To cut the long story short, it was not until another 2 weeks that I finally found the source of the problem at the PSU.

Hope everything returns to normal when I take the faulty PSU to the distributor.




3 responses

10 12 2007

Women have acute sense of smell.

11 12 2007

Working at a computer store you get the sense that PSUs are the least reliable of any computer part… God, I hate them!

11 12 2007

Hi Kenny,
Ha. I think I switched off my sense of smell mentally to play on the computer longer!

Hi Gab,
Is that right? But this is my first PSU that went bonkers and pretty fast at that too. I’d better get a good replacement!

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