Investigates – Aliens Alumni in 24

14 09 2007

This Investigates post came about as I was scouring information on the Colonial Marines’ Private Mark Drake on the Internet. For the uninitiated, Drake was portrayed by actor Mark Rolston in the Aliens movie. His Smart Gun comrade, Private Jenette Vasquez, was played by actress Jenette Goldstein. My browsing through their personal data saw me scanning through both their filmographies. And it surprised me that both of them appeared in Day 3 of my favourite TV series, 24.

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Investigates – Boushh: Between the Name and the Race

10 09 2007

While blogging the Princess Leia as Boushh Incoming post the other night, I thought I’ll look up what a Boushh was in the Star Wars universe. I’ve seen and heard this word for sometime now but I never did got around to do some digging into its background. So I put in ‘Boushh’ into Google, hit enter and went for the Wookiepedia link. Lo and behold, Boushh was not really what I thought it would be.

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Investigates – Revelations of 24’s Ira Gaines

11 06 2007

While doing some interest reading of Bruce Lee for the 12″ Review, I stumbled upon a familiar face from my favourite 24 TV series. It’s Ira Gaines. Well, that is the screen name for the excellent villain in 24 Season 1. The incredibly talented actor behind this character is Michael Massee. You may find him familiar because he terrified audiences in NBC’s 2005 series Revelations as an agent of the dark. I was surprised to find an unfortunate distinction on Massee due to a certain filming accident which went horribly wrong in one of his early movies. I deliberated for sometime on posting this. It’s not meant to drag up someone’s past but to celebrate moving on and accepting life’s sometimes unexplainable circumstances.

Check out the following interview with Massee from YouTube.

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Investigates – Boba Fett’s Tools

19 05 2007

Ever wonder what the pouches on Boba Fett’s jumpsuit were carrying at the shin? I did. And for the longest of time, I did not have the answer until one day I seriously looked into this mystery. And surprisingly, the answer was not too hard to find. Let’s find out what these tools are in the first article in the new SWFToys Investigates section!

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