Investigates – Boba Fett’s Tools

19 05 2007

Ever wonder what the pouches on Boba Fett’s jumpsuit were carrying at the shin? I did. And for the longest of time, I did not have the answer until one day I seriously looked into this mystery. And surprisingly, the answer was not too hard to find. Let’s find out what these tools are in the first article in the new SWFToys Investigates section!

I have in my collection 3 main Boba Fett collectibles. They are the Marmit 12″ Boba Fett, the Kotobukiya and Gentle Giant snap fit statues. Here are some shots of those mysterious tools which many may have missed. There are 4 pouches on the shin of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter. And each carries a tool of weird proportions.

Let’s start with Boba Fett’s right leg. The pics below show how the tools at the shin looks like for the Marmit, Kotobukiya and the Gentle Giant.

The following pics are for the left leg and are in the same manufacturer order.

As one will notice, there are some inconsistencies to which tool goes into the pouch of which leg and what is the colour of the markings on one of the tools. The Marmit is consistent with the Kotobukiya. The Gentle Giant has the order of the tools on both legs reversed and seems to be missing one of them! And based on the first pic in this post, it looks like Marmit and Kotobukiya have gotten it right.

And here is a pic from Wookiepedia of the parts on Boba Fett’s armour. In it you will find the answer to the names of the mysterious tools although the order of the tools on both legs once again seemed reversed.


And if the words are too small to be decipherable, refer to the pic below which has the tools from my 12″ Marmit Boba Fett all laid out on Vader’s operating table!

Tool identity from the left to the right of the pic:

  1. Survival Knife
  2. Sonic Beam Weapon
  3. Anti Security Blade
  4. Jetpack Adjustment Tool

And there you have it! Mystery solved!





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