Incoming – Medicom 12″ RAH Jack Bauer

29 04 2007

Here’s something special. A 12″ figure of my favourite character on the TV – Jack Bauer of 24!!! If you have heard of this Emmy winning series but have never watched it, you don’t know what is intense heart-pumping drama. If you have never heard of 24, you have never lived! Where have you been!

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Comics – Alias Vol 2

27 04 2007

Alias TPB Vol 2

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Alias Vol 2 – Collecting Alias #11 – #15

Here I am into the second volume of the Alias TPB and I am still enjoying every reading moment of it. This second volume continues the excellent storytelling of happenings in the life of the main character – Jessica Jones.

Readers join Jessica on one of her cases to find a missing girl in a small town. The art on every panel of every page is fantastic. As I read, it was so natural to feel a part of Jessica’s drive out of the city to more rural areas to meet the requirements of her job.

And how Jessica goes about her job as a PI is indeed very normal – nothing superhuman at all. Interviewing the girl’s friends at school, checking in with her family and having a peek in her room for clues. I guess this is a story where superheroes remain in the background.

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Showcase – 1/144 Chaos Gundam

25 04 2007

Here’s something I brought home when I cleared my workstation from my previous job. It’s a 1/144 scale Chaos Gundam from the anime Gundam Seed Destiny! This Ban Dai model kit was my first official foray into modeling back in 2005. I took up some lessons that went from cutting, filing, sanding, priming and airbrushing. All that basic stuff. No shading though. I find it a reasonable effort for a beginner.

Here’s some pics to share with everyone!

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Musings – The Great Clean Up

23 04 2007

Ok, I’ve received news of the inbound of Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt Throne Set. And it’s huge! I gather from the space occupied by my Jabba the Hutt that the throne should take up the entire space for a particular level in my cabinet. I’d be lucky if it can fit inside allowing my glass doors to close properly! It’s gotta fit!

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Review – Sideshow 12″ Boromir

21 04 2007

With the low in reviewing Medicom’s Ghost Rider, I am energised with the review of Sideshow’s 12″ Boromir from their Lord of the Rings line! Expect a picture heavy review here. The Lord of the Rings line has certainly shown a lot of promise with the improving quality of each released figure. First to be of the production lines was Aragorn as Strider the Ranger. It was well made generally with the only flaw (a major one!) being the goofy facesculpt.

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Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman

19 04 2007

Here’s something of a more recent release from Sideshow for their 12 inch Star Wars line – the Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman! Marketed under the ‘Militaries of Star Wars’ banner, this figure is certainly a breathe of fresh air for Star Wars toys. I don’t recall alot of Star Wars toys that pay homage to this support character from The Return of the Jedi. Now we get a full 12″ figure to allow collectors to examine every inch of that Rebel Alliance uniform!

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Musings – Massive Changes, Busy Week Ahead

15 04 2007

This coming Thursday will mark the final day at my present employment. My access to my computer and the office should be abruptly terminated by 6pm on 19 April. And with four days left, I have hardly cleared the junk in my workstation. I should be spending the next few nights transporting stuff in a cab or on my bike! Time to gather those trusty plastic bags! As such, I may not be able to post much here. But one thing is certain and that is there have been much incoming. In fact, they are piling up in my study. I will try to post the incomings at the minimum.

Good luck to me!

Signing out…