Comics – 100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call

28 01 2007

100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call

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Revenge for all its worth is what 100 Bullets is examining. It was this interesting premise that made me picked up its first installment – First Shot, Last Call.

I believe everyone had wanted some sort of revenge at some point in life. Payback was the word. In school, we wanted to enact vengeance on the class bully, we wanted to get at the sadistic sergeant in the army, we wanted to let a nasty colleague have taste of his own medicine at work. So revenge do have its own dictionary of related words that are all too familiar to everyone.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the prospect of being caught in the act of revenge often dissuades many from actually committing them. It ends up being an act in the unseen confines of the heart where the victimised is king and free to do whatever he wills.

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Review – Sideshow 12″ Darth Maul

27 01 2007

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have our revenge.”

These were one of the few lines spoken from those tattooed lips of a Sith Lord known as Darth Maul. While his lines in The Phantom Menace was limited, he made it up with action and poise so graceful that he was a hit with Star Wars fans in a movie that really disappointed. And many guys took to him also because he advocated no teeth brushing before sleeping with those yellow teeth. Another hit with the fans was a never seen before double bladed lightsaber. There were the many instinctive “no shit” gasps from audiences mouths when this Zabrak Sith showed the true nature of his unusually long bad-ass lightsaber.

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Announcements – Demise of SWFToys Father-in-law

24 01 2007

My father-in-law passed away on 23 Jan 2007. As such, I will be away from the blog this week till the funeral is over. We shall resume our common passion after that!

Review – Hot Toys 12″ Superman Returns

20 01 2007

I must say that this Hot Toys Superman Returns figure is probably the most satisfying purchase for me in 2006! It’s so damn satisfying. This satisfaction stems from a collector deciding to stay true to himself and ignoring the other versions of the same figure from other manufacturers. Hot Toys Superman is a limited release figure. And because of that, I was not able to get hold of one when it was released locally. Did not even had the fortune to see one!

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Incoming – Takara 12″ Jin Roh

19 01 2007

A string of good figures have come in with the start of this new year and I’m enjoying breaking them out! The newest figure to be added into the playpen is Takara’s Jin Roh! You have no idea how excited I am about this fella! How cool can it be when you have a figure from the Jin Roh genre coming out from an excellent figure producer like Takara! We are looking at super pose-able, super stable, super quality and super accuracy here! Let’s hope it is all true!

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Announcements – Tokyo Toy Plan 2006 Information Complete!

18 01 2007

I have finally finished documenting the pitstops in my Tokyo Toy Plan 2006. Took a while to put together all the pictures and words but it’s all worth it. Hope that it will benefit all other toy hunters enroute to Tokyo!

Check it out here!

Showcase – Riddell Darth Vader helmet

17 01 2007

Here is the other Riddell Star Wars minature helmet that I have… Darth Vader! The other is Boba Fett. I got the Vader helmet off eBay. At that time, I was aware of the Riddell line of Star Wars helmet. But the auction I was contemplating bidding on did not state the word ‘Riddell’ anywhere in the auction. The pictures taken were close-up and it looked really fabulous. And then I had to ask the eBayer a stupid question if the helmet was wearable! Ha, got a sacarstic reply as a result.

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