Musings – Impressions on 24 Season 6

17 11 2007

So Mrs SWFToys and I have finished watching Season 6 of 24. Yes, it’ probably the Season with the least impact of all 24 seasons so far. And it’s the low of a thrilling roller-coaster ride from Season 1 to the high of Season 5. After winning the Emmy with Season 5, I would have expected the creative team to be encouraged to exceed expectations with the subsequent season. Alas, it was not to be. It seems that winning the Emmy might have pressured the team to stick to a 5 season long formula that was starting to lose pace with the characters’ development.

Caution: Spoilers below. Avoid if you have not watched up to 24 Season 6.

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Musings – Toasted PSU

11 11 2007

The posts here at SWFToys have been pretty late of late… I’m lagging by a month! Well, one of the chief causes for this is definitely the toasted PSU in my supposedly new computer. Some 6 months after building my gaming rig, Mrs SWFToys started complaining that a strong burnt smell present in the study when I am on my computer. She had to make the comment when I am fighting some clone soldiers in F.E.A.R. Without taking my eyes off the action on the screen, I just said, “You sure? I don’t smell anything.”

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Musings – Hot Toys’ 12″ Cannibal Jack Sparrow and Will Turner

5 11 2007

Here’s something amusing I came across at the Hot Toys website during lunch. Looks like Hot Toys is finally releasing the 12″ Will Turner figure. It looks pretty good to go with the Elizabeth Swan figure. However, what caught my attention was not Will Turner but the 2nd Jack Sparrow figure to be released called ‘Cannibal Jack Sparrow’.

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Musings – Strategies to Beat the Toy Budget Bursting Syndrome

24 10 2007

Following the subject of how toy collectors like us can stay financially sound while up keeping our wallet-taxing hobby, here’s a sharing of strategies that have worked for me. Some seem delusional but hey, whatever it takes to have some financial sanity in this hobby.

Every collector has their way to dealing with the Toy Budget Bursting(TBB) Syndrome. Feel free to share yours too in the comments area. This post is beginning to sound like an anonymous group discussion!

Onto the strategies!

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Musings – Reliving 24 Season 5 with the Forward Search

16 10 2007

It’s a week where Mrs SWFToys is busy with a week-long conference working from morning till night… weekends included. As such, there’s some time for me when I get back from work. And I had the inclination to relive 24 Season 5. The waiting for Season 6 has made the inclination strong especially it’s the last lap of the year-long waiting.

So in I plonk Disc 1 into the DVD player to start the adventure from Frank Flynn all over again. However, this second viewing had a difference, I used the fast forward search button on the DVD player controller to skip over parts I did not want to see. Somehow, the assassination part was too depressing to see so it was skipped. Much of the First Lady’s earlier scenes were also promptly skipped. Only parts involving Jack Bauer and CTU were watched in ‘real time’. It’s a good way to re-watch a TV series because you can cover more episodes in a viewing.

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Musings – Hot Toys Appleseed Ex Machina 1/6 Figures Pics Out!!!

8 10 2007

As promised by Hot Toys, the pics of their Appleseed Ex Machina figures are out! As expected, it’s the boyfriend-girlfriend pair of Briareos and Deunan! And both looks absolutely splended!!! OMG!!!! Pop over to Hot Toys for all the pics to ogle at! I can’t wait for the pre-order for this pair. I hope there is one! Hot Toys is certainly putting out a much better challenge this time should Takara be making Appleseed figures as well! Remember their Batman slugout? For me, Takara won that round… but I ended up buying both! Will it happen again???

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Musings- What I Missed Out Staying Sane

4 10 2007

Is it possible to stay sane when collecting toys? Possible to stay within budget every month and not fret about overspending? Well, apparently it’s possible. I’ve actually done it for a couple of months now. And it’s not too difficult if you remember to wipe away the drool at the edge of your mouth after you have walked away from a cool potential buy. Here are some of the toys that I’ve missed out or did not put down a pre-order during my cold turkey stint…

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