Musings – Hot Toys’ 12″ Cannibal Jack Sparrow and Will Turner

5 11 2007

Here’s something amusing I came across at the Hot Toys website during lunch. Looks like Hot Toys is finally releasing the 12″ Will Turner figure. It looks pretty good to go with the Elizabeth Swan figure. However, what caught my attention was not Will Turner but the 2nd Jack Sparrow figure to be released called ‘Cannibal Jack Sparrow’.

A closer look at the face of this figure really amused me. Hot Toys will be providing two Jack Sparrow heads – one in Cannibal make-up and the other… *drum roll* … Jack Sparrow in iconic smiley face! Yes, those are the exact words used on the Hot Toys website. It’s pretty funny when you read that description and then look at the grinning version of Captain Jack.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek take in this new Jack Sparrow figure by Hot Toys, I found the ‘cannibal’ head pretty stunning from these pictures. Even with the figure’s face contorted, it still looks so Johnny Depp-like. And its expression is pretty dead-on with regards to Jack Sparrow’s antics in the cannibal sequence in the movie. Hot Toys is marching ahead strongly in 1/6 figure sculpting and are getting creative with their products. It’s amazing what their sculptors can do.

Fantastic as the sculpts may be, I will not be getting these 2 figures. Not a die-hard fan of Pirates of the Caribbean although my sights are set on Davy Jones. But fans of Jack and gang will almost be bowed over by these excellent figures!





10 responses

3 12 2007

Two head sculpts? I feel cheated.

4 12 2007

Hi Kenny,
Well, it’s not the first time they did something like this. I recall Robocop and Robocop III. Essentially similar with added accessories. Then the recent Superman and Clark 2-in-1 combo? I’ve felt the same way several times now.

5 12 2007

Oh yeah, Superman. I hate it when toy companies do things like that. I wonder if they can be sued for it?

8 12 2007

Hmm… actually it’s also similar in the computer games market but on a longer timeframe. After some years, the original game gets bundled with any expansion packs together with the latest patches and become ‘gold edition’ or ‘ultimate collection’! But that happens after at least a year.

29 12 2007

The day I was to buy HT’s Clark Kent, I saw HT announce the Superman 2 in 1 combo, I still decided to buy the Clark Kent figure because I like the Clark sculpt better than the 2 in 1 version. I just bought the 2 in 1 version yesterday, I honestly cannot complain because I like those two. But yeah, I will definitely feel cheated had I bought the first Jack Sparrow, good thing I didnt because I do not like the original sculpt.

1 02 2008

Trouble is you only get his coat with the first one!
Gotta have em both, swap out the heads with Jack 1 for smiling 2 and have canibal Jack next to him, everybodies happy, but a bit poorer!

26 12 2008

it`s very nice photos Jack Sparrow

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