Musings – Impressions on 24 Season 6

17 11 2007

So Mrs SWFToys and I have finished watching Season 6 of 24. Yes, it’ probably the Season with the least impact of all 24 seasons so far. And it’s the low of a thrilling roller-coaster ride from Season 1 to the high of Season 5. After winning the Emmy with Season 5, I would have expected the creative team to be encouraged to exceed expectations with the subsequent season. Alas, it was not to be. It seems that winning the Emmy might have pressured the team to stick to a 5 season long formula that was starting to lose pace with the characters’ development.

Caution: Spoilers below. Avoid if you have not watched up to 24 Season 6.

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Showcase – Comparing Faces of 24 Season 4 and 5 Medicom Jack Bauer

15 11 2007

With 2 Medicom Jack Bauer figures in my collection now, it is inevitable that I will put both of them together for a shootout… minus the guns that is. First up is the Season 4 version with Jack in bulletproof vest. Now this figure looks even more slender than before when compared to the Season 5 Jack. Let’s take a closer look at their faces.

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Review – Medicom 12″ Jack Bauer (24 Season 5)

9 11 2007

12″ figures of Jack Bauer are probably some of the few that I will buy no matter how many versions are produced. Yes, I am still looking out for the suit version of Medicom’s Jack Bauer from Season 4. It stems from my love for the excellent 24. I know, I’ve cooed about the greatness of 24 in several posts now. But… it’s not gonna stop. Ha. It’s certainly music to my ears that the new Season 7 will be reinvented.

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Incoming – Medicom 12″ Jack Bauer (24 Season 5)

3 11 2007

It’s the 50th review here at SWFToys. And the number 50 is special in different instances. Take comics, the 50th issue of a comic is often reserved for something special. Maybe time for an embossed/diecut cover or a major impact storyline. So in true comic-loving fashion, I’ve reserved the 50th review to a special figure. It is none other than Medicom’s Jack Bauer from the awesome 24 series! And this version of Jack is modeled after the Emmy winning Season 5!

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Movies & DVD – 24 Season 6

28 10 2007

A visit to a local music store during lunch yielded a surprise find – the much coveted 24 Season 6 DVD boxset!!! Within seconds, my hands were all over it, my eyes scanning every inch of the box. It’s good to see Chloe, Bill and Jack again! To m, it’s really Day 1 of a thrilling ride through another 24 season. Excited, I called Mrs SWFToys to tell her of my find. Since Season 1, Mrs SWFToys has been transformed into a big fan of the series. “Oh really? Yeahhhhh!!!! We can watch 24 again!” was her exhilarated response.

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Musings – Reliving 24 Season 5 with the Forward Search

16 10 2007

It’s a week where Mrs SWFToys is busy with a week-long conference working from morning till night… weekends included. As such, there’s some time for me when I get back from work. And I had the inclination to relive 24 Season 5. The waiting for Season 6 has made the inclination strong especially it’s the last lap of the year-long waiting.

So in I plonk Disc 1 into the DVD player to start the adventure from Frank Flynn all over again. However, this second viewing had a difference, I used the fast forward search button on the DVD player controller to skip over parts I did not want to see. Somehow, the assassination part was too depressing to see so it was skipped. Much of the First Lady’s earlier scenes were also promptly skipped. Only parts involving Jack Bauer and CTU were watched in ‘real time’. It’s a good way to re-watch a TV series because you can cover more episodes in a viewing.

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Investigates – Aliens Alumni in 24

14 09 2007

This Investigates post came about as I was scouring information on the Colonial Marines’ Private Mark Drake on the Internet. For the uninitiated, Drake was portrayed by actor Mark Rolston in the Aliens movie. His Smart Gun comrade, Private Jenette Vasquez, was played by actress Jenette Goldstein. My browsing through their personal data saw me scanning through both their filmographies. And it surprised me that both of them appeared in Day 3 of my favourite TV series, 24.

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