Review – Sideshow 12″ Faramir

30 08 2007

The second son of Denethor the Gondor Steward clocks in as the final review of August on SWFToys! With this fourth figure for Sideshow’s The Lord of the Rings line, it seems certain that Sideshow is cranking out all the good guys from Tolkien’s classic. Already announced are the ‘semi’ wonderful Hobbits. I would expect Merry and Pippin to be next. The last 2 members of The Fellowship of the Ring should be in the pipeline even as we speak. I wonder when the Haradrim, Uruks and Orcs will start to appear. Or for that matter, the militaries of Middle Earth.

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Showcase – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud and Fenrir

28 08 2007

Here is something I did not hesitate to buy after watching the superb Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Square Enix’s 8″ Cloud and 12″ Fenrir are absolute beauties! Nevermind Cloud, Fenrir alone is so droolicious with all the intricate construction, details and the sexy black gleaming hull! And here are some pics to whet everyone’s appetite!

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Showcase – SWFToys Year One

26 08 2007

The SWFToys blog is one year old! And to celebrate its first birthday, I’ve finally gotten down to take some pics of my display cabinet. Honestly, it’s pretty messy… and a little dusty. And it’s pretty cramp for the 1/6 guys. Very much like how some of the older flats are built here in Singapore. Anyway, it’s been really fun sharing with everyone this hobby of mine and I must thank my readers for making the point to pop by. Enjoy the pics!

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Showcase – M.A.S.K: Venom’s Piranha

24 08 2007

Here’s something from the past that we do not get to see too often these days. It’s the Venom faction’s Piranha from M.A.S.K. Piloted by Sly Rax whose mask/helmet fires dart-like missiles at the command ‘Stilleto’. It’s amazing that the mechanism to eject the sidecar still works after more than a decade.

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Comics – Identity Crisis

22 08 2007

Identity Crisis

Originally uploaded by SWFToys

This TPB has been lying around in my shelf for sometime. It was competing with other titles (such as Planetary, Transformers, etc.) which had considerable less words on their covers. Ha. The power of marketing the cover art huh? Anyway, it was a mistake not to read DC Comics’ Identity Crisis. It was truly a fantastic read!

Identity Crisis also exposed my lopsided knowledge between the Marvel and DC universe. I definitely was more familiar with the Marvel universe. When it came to the DC Universe, characters other than Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash really fascinated me in a way reminiscent of the excitement I had in my childhood days when I first picked up a new comic title. There were simply so many DC universe characters that I’ve seen on the surface but never got acquainted.

I remember Firestorm in the far reaches of my memory although I do not know what has happened to him since. I’ve always seen Hawkman behind Superman or Batman but have no idea his name was Carter. And I had lost track of the persons assuming the Green Lantern, Robin and Nightwing mantles.

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Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ Private Mark Drake (Aliens)

20 08 2007

This wasn’t on my initial target list. It happened that the local store had a good storewide discount sometime back. On the way there with Mrs SWFToys, I was meditating on 2 words in my mind – “Clubber Lang”, “Clubber Lang” (imagine it in the voice of Homer Simpson). Yes, I wanted to nail the Hot Toys Clubber Lang figure… at first. Well, I got there, picked up Clubber and opened the flap. For the price it was retailing at, it just wasn’t value for money even with the discount. It doesn’t have much accessories really.

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Review – Hot Toys 12″ Jack Sparrow (At World’s End)

18 08 2007

Honestly, I did not take to Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl very well. In fact, I found it rather rather boring and predictable. Pencil thin Keira Knightley was hardly captivating. Orlando Bloom seemed to loose a measure of the Legolas macho charm despite being in the hero role. Despite this, I watched it twice due to certain circumstances. Till today, I did not know how I agree to it.

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