Showcase – SWFToys Year One

26 08 2007

The SWFToys blog is one year old! And to celebrate its first birthday, I’ve finally gotten down to take some pics of my display cabinet. Honestly, it’s pretty messy… and a little dusty. And it’s pretty cramp for the 1/6 guys. Very much like how some of the older flats are built here in Singapore. Anyway, it’s been really fun sharing with everyone this hobby of mine and I must thank my readers for making the point to pop by. Enjoy the pics!

And my toys are in my study. See the doorway on the left? Well, visitors often walk through the door oblivious of the cabinet and its inhabitants behind them. It’s only when they turn around that they go “Whoa..”. Not a big collection but it does the trick to surprise unsuspecting guests.





13 responses

3 09 2007

Vince its frickin beautiful! finally get to see your display space. How much did the set up cost?

4 09 2007

Haha yeah, finally get to see your display. Cramped but awesome nonetheless.

4 09 2007

Thanks guys. The cabinet costs me SGD1400. I should have gotten the contractor to give me more depth back then. The locking mechanism is crappy although they are aided by magnets at the bottom of the glass doors. The glass shelves are frickin heavy so it is a constant worry for me.

7 09 2007

yo bro, yea…nice display!! Mine is also cramp like your, really need to take note of depth next time 🙂 It tooks me a few week to clean up the dust and rearrange, will try to post my cabinet photo soon when I am free. The tempered glass is indeed worrying, a few of mine broke (luckily noone was hurt). Thinking to replace it with arcylic manz. Anyway, nice to see your collections. Cheers

8 09 2007

Hi Ken,
Thanks for popping by. At least you’ve done one round of cleaning for your cabinet! Wouldn’t acrylic have a tendency to warp if you load 12″ figures on them?

8 09 2007

Hi, i mean those glass panel covering the cabinet, not for the toys sitting on 🙂

8 09 2007
8 09 2007

alamak sorry wrong link above


9 09 2007

dude that is an awesome collection – that is the one bad thing about this hobbie – space is always a premium!!!

Anyway keep up the good work.

9 09 2007

Thanks Mo. The space scarcity seems to mirror the country one is in!

10 01 2008
Mark Fong

Thought I should share my experience:I had mine custom made. When making the deeper shelves, I got the carpenter to add an additional board 1 and a half inch thick but half the area of the shelf so that it acts as a split level to allow the figures behind to be seen.

It was also moveable so I could choose not to use it for 13 inch DC figures who already are a head taller than the rest.

I omitted any interior lighting as direct lights such as hot spots play havoc on the skin tones of plastic.

Hope this helps.

11 06 2009
Nick Walters

I wish I had that in my room.

28 10 2010
Audio Switch :

the best display cabinets are always made of steel and glass structure or composite fibers:“

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