Review – Hot Toys 12″ Jack Sparrow (At World’s End)

18 08 2007

Honestly, I did not take to Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl very well. In fact, I found it rather rather boring and predictable. Pencil thin Keira Knightley was hardly captivating. Orlando Bloom seemed to loose a measure of the Legolas macho charm despite being in the hero role. Despite this, I watched it twice due to certain circumstances. Till today, I did not know how I agree to it.

Fortunately, there were bright moments in the film. Or should I say that certain characters made the film more watchable. Pintel and Ragetti always got my attention. Barbossa too. But Jack Sparrow was most entertaining. Looking a bit like a gypsy, rather effeminate and yet a pirate was a little hard to comprehend initially. His on screen flirting with Swan really got my dozing mind thinking about his sexual orientation. And I was wondering if he wakes up everyday and apply that kohl around his eyes religiously. A pirate putting on make-up? That’s new. And it’s hard to comprehend where his loyalties lie… except to the Black Pearl. Jack Sparrow’s appeal I believe was that he was unpredictable – the way the first movie should have gone towards.

And so I’m most glad to have the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow on my cabinet. Easily recognisable even from a distance, plenty of details and so… Johnny Depp. I’ll let the review unfold all these goodies about this figure!

On to the review…



This figure from Hot Toys would make Captain Jack most proud. Biggest highlight would definitely be the superbly accurate sculpt. You gotta to have a look at that uncanny chiseled jawline of Johnny Depp in this figure! It also boasts of fantastic details and a good array of accessories. And it is stable. All these benefits for its retailing price makes it a real steal! If quality is what you want, get this. If a Jack Sparrow fan you are, get this. Hot Toys definitely creamed Medicom on this one!

What’s good:

  • Collector friendly box.
  • Sculpt has superb resemblance.
  • Good construction quality.
  • Loads of details on figure.
  • Good array of accessories.
  • Stable and poseable figure.
  • Value for your dollar.

What could be better:

  • Right wrist has limited articulation.

Review Details


The Hot Toys Jack Sparrow’s packaging, like the other masterpiece figures, sport the distinct glossy sleeve. For myself, I have always loved Hot Toys’ packaging designs. They really beat other competitors hands down. There’s just so much thought and effort put into it. In Jack Sparrow’s case, I do find the sleeve a tad too red but that’s just my preference.

Expect the usual collector friendly design in functionality! Expect twist ties on this figure as well. Expect the thoughtful mutiple plastic trays which keep the figure safe. Keep it up, Hot Toys!


Here in this department lies the greatest strength of the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow – resemblance. Take a look at the pics and one instantly recognises the Johnny Depp part in this pirate. The sculptors have done an awesome job creating a sculpt mimicking every facial detail of Depp so accurately! The expression of the face is one reminiscent of Sparrow’s frequent deadpans. What usually follows is either his display of wit or attempts to escape a situation. And from certain angles, the facial expression does convey sleepiness or a state of drunken stupor. Quite suitable when displaying with the bottle of rum.


There’re already tons of details on the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow figure. And the icing on this already beautifully decorated cake is that that details are well-implemented. So, yes, this Jack Sparrow figure also wears kohl around the eyes. In fact, this cosmetic is very well applied. They are subtle and do not come across as harsh inkings of an eyeliner. Other familiar appearance traits such as Sparrow’s dreadlocks and braided goatee are very well conceived in 1/6 scale and implemented. Jack’s characteristic red bandanna is really plastic given the cloth treatment with all the realistic creases. Check out the other accessories on the head – amazing details.

Here’s how the figure looks with the beautiful tricorne.

Quality of Product

It’s not very often that a figure comes with lots of details already present in the head as seen above. And there’s more! Check out the colourful accessory work to the left of Jack’s face. And his ‘piece of eight’ is also present!

Then there is the rest of the figure. The bottomline is… there’s still lots of stuff on the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow! There are 3 belts on the body with their corresponding intricately detailed buckles. There’s the familiar sash with some spatters of grime detailed on it. And the clothes are tailored to closely resemble their counterparts in the movie. I must say that the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow made me wonder if Hot Toys sculptors had regretted selecting this license with the level of detail of the movie’s character. I mean, if Gore Verbinski had decided that Sparrow should have a second pistol or a thigh full of throwing knives strapped to it, Hot Toys would likely have to re-produce these extra accessories! However, I believe the sculptors saw this as a challenge to raise the bar on their portfolios! As it is, there are already so many accessories and details to ogle over!

Rings on Jack’s fingers are also reproduced in 1/6 scale nicely here. They are not removable though.


Despite the heavily accessorised nature of this figure, Hot Toys Jack Sparrow is very stable. No doubt the large soles of the boots helped. Making the figure stand upright is not a problem. As with most Hot Toys ‘human’ products, Jack Sparrow is poses well with the limit being how much his clothes can stretch.

Jack’s boots are beautifully sculpted and painted. But as with other high-cut boots, they are pretty rigid and negate any ankle articulation.


Here’s the list of accessories included with the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow figure:

  • Saber
  • Scabbard
  • Flintlock pistol
  • Compass
  • Bunch of keys
  • Bottle of rum
  • Pair of pelts
  • String of stones.
  • Extra right hand.
  • Tricorne

They’re really a wonderful set of accessories – unique in their own way. Talking about unique, my favourite piece of accessory is Jack’s ‘broken’ compass! And yes, it can be opened for you to peer into the desires of your heart! Ha, too bad the compass needle does not swivel frantically as seen in the movie. But its miniature details are really neat.


The compass, the string of stones are both attached to a fine thread. You would have to secure it to Jack Sparrow’s belts yourself. I really hate tying knots with the threads but they do present the option of customising by replacing them or decide how long the length of thread to be used. The bunch of keys are threaded through a nifty ring which can be opened easily for securing onto the belt. The locking mechanism is simple yet effective.

In the weapons department, we have the saber, scabbard and the flintlock pistol. What is noteworthy is that the scabbard slots nicely into the holdings of the jacket nicely.

The pistol is also beautifully crafted. Really splendid detailing of the flintlock mechanism. Better to see the pictures for yourselves.

And then we have the pirate’s favourite drink – a bottle of rum. Beautifully painted to resemble glass, it did not shatter when I dropped it accidentally. And both right hands holds the bottleneck pretty loosely… like a drunk would.

Finally, the tricorne not only looks fantastic on Jack’s head, it is also very fitting. I took a while with this little piece of accessory just take in the nice paintwork and to enjoy this hat that I have seen countless times being thrown around in the movies! Once again, it’s a testimony of great sculpting work from Hot Toys.





4 responses

28 08 2007

Great review as always! Reading this makes me miss my Jack Sparrow even more!

29 08 2007

Thanks Kenny. Yes, this Jack is a really awesome figure! Most beautiful!

18 09 2007

ok ok…I will get this fella into my display cabinet soon. Anyway very good reviews you have done. Honest and precise! Thank you very much as we collectors count on good reviews like yours very often.

18 09 2007

Thanks Ian. I would think of my reviews as my honest opinions. The good reviews are found on OSW where the experts of different genres give much broader insights.

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