Musings – Hot Toys Appleseed Ex Machina 1/6 Figures Pics Out!!!

8 10 2007

As promised by Hot Toys, the pics of their Appleseed Ex Machina figures are out! As expected, it’s the boyfriend-girlfriend pair of Briareos and Deunan! And both looks absolutely splended!!! OMG!!!! Pop over to Hot Toys for all the pics to ogle at! I can’t wait for the pre-order for this pair. I hope there is one! Hot Toys is certainly putting out a much better challenge this time should Takara be making Appleseed figures as well! Remember their Batman slugout? For me, Takara won that round… but I ended up buying both! Will it happen again???

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Showcase – Hot Toys Private Mark Drake Having a Stressful Break

16 09 2007

Here’s a look at a semi-naked Hot Toys Mark Drake. Imagine him taking off all his gear and taking a break in some dark and dank shithole always on the alert for the slightest noise that may mean a xenomorph ambush.

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Review – Hot Toys 12″ Private Mark Drake (Aliens)

12 09 2007

This review of the Hot Toys Private Mark Drake took much longer for me to write. Drake was a rather minor character in the movie Aliens. To gear up better for his review, I watched the dropship sequence in Aliens on YouTube several times to gain more insight to Drake. Unfortunately, the video’s resolution wasn’t great and Drake’s scenes were mostly fleeting. And it doesn’t help that Aliens was largely dark and had dimly lit environments. Makes it hard to spot details.

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Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ Private Mark Drake (Aliens)

20 08 2007

This wasn’t on my initial target list. It happened that the local store had a good storewide discount sometime back. On the way there with Mrs SWFToys, I was meditating on 2 words in my mind – “Clubber Lang”, “Clubber Lang” (imagine it in the voice of Homer Simpson). Yes, I wanted to nail the Hot Toys Clubber Lang figure… at first. Well, I got there, picked up Clubber and opened the flap. For the price it was retailing at, it just wasn’t value for money even with the discount. It doesn’t have much accessories really.

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Review – Hot Toys 12″ Jack Sparrow (At World’s End)

18 08 2007

Honestly, I did not take to Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl very well. In fact, I found it rather rather boring and predictable. Pencil thin Keira Knightley was hardly captivating. Orlando Bloom seemed to loose a measure of the Legolas macho charm despite being in the hero role. Despite this, I watched it twice due to certain circumstances. Till today, I did not know how I agree to it.

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Review – Hot Toys 12″ Rambo III

31 07 2007

Rambo III was the movie that Sylvester Stallone had the best physique… ever. Watching this movie never fails to motivate me to get in shape… at least while the memory of scenes in the movie was still fresh. Stallone’s lats were bloody huge and the demarcation of each muscle group was never more chiseled. The audience was never in doubt that John Rambo was a veteran soldier capable of taking out an army.

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