Hong Kong & Tokyo & Taipei Toy Store Hunt

Hong Kong toy store info (Mar 2007):

1) CTMA Centre @ Mongkok

2) Richmond Shopping Centre @ Mongkok

3) Toyzone @ Causeway Bay

The top 3 places to visit for toys!


Hong Kong toy store info (Sep 2005):

This is log of the results of my recce of toy stores while I was in Hong Kong in September 2005.
Hope it helps.

If anyone is heading there, you can check out toy stores at:

a) CTMA Centre@Mongkok
– Gotta checkout the floors above and below! I only explored the basement shops on my last 2nd day and there are still alot of toy shops there! Didn’t see much zoids there though. Kamen riders, transformers, ultraman, guyver, saint seiya, hottoys, star wars, LOTR, medicom, macross can be found there.

– 12″ fans can find a good selection of the latest figures from Toy Hunters at level 3.

– Good 1/48 macross deals at basement.

UML Hobby@Mongkok
– It’s at the corner where Dundas Street and Nathan road meets. Not too many zoids – saw the soul liger, sword wolf and a few others. But prices are cheaper! Gundam model kits, macross, WWII 12″, lego, plane & tanks model kits, guyver etc.

c) Sogo@ Causeway Bay

d) Toyzone@Causeway Bay
– It’s at #16 of the Causeway Bay Commercial Bldg at No.3 Sugar Street. Lots of toys there. Saw a dibison going for S$170+. Loads of toys!
– Transformers, gundam, kamen riders, better selection of Star Wars, some zoids, matrix, predator and many more!

e) Causeway Bay Shopping Centre
– Lots of toy stops there but they were closed when i was there during early afternoon. Should visit at evening time.

f) Hobby store opposite CTMA Centre@Mongkok
– Window has lots of Gundam model kits.

g) Shopping centre at the end of Dundas St and Fa Yuen St @ Mongkok
– Has toyshops but i did not see zoids as i was browsing pretty fast.

h) 188 Plaza @ Wanchai
– Lots of manga stores. DVD and VCD. Some toy shops there too. It’s some distance from the Wanchai MTR. There’s a shop there selling Star wars toys like Kotobukiya and MR. But dun expect a Simply Toys!


Tokyo Japan toy store info:

Some locations of toy stores/buildings in Tokyo from SWFToys 2006 Tokyo trip:

Akihabara: Kotobukiya , Yodobashi Akiba

Harajuku: Kiddy Land

Kuramae: Bandai HQ

Nakano: Mandarake & others

Shibuya: Mandarake, Blister

Ueno: Yamashiroya

Taipei toy store info:

From my 2007 trip:

Xi Men Ding: Wan Nian Commercial Building

Taipei 101: Toyland


59 responses

26 10 2006
Musings - Overseas Toy Hunting « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] Toy Hunting in Hong Kong   […]

5 11 2006

Thank you for posting your review. I have visited HK several times and I can never find the CTMA center as I always get lost in Mongkok when working from memory.

The CTMA is an absolute joy! I will get a map reference and head off their now to send the remains of my salery.

Thank you,


5 11 2006

Hi David,
Glad to be of help! CTMA center is probably THE place to go for toys in HK! It’s ok, your salary will be back next month. Go spend it! :-p

20 01 2007
13 05 2007
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21 05 2007

Thanks for the list of HK toy shops…am heading there in September 2007 for three days and the list will be invaluable…Cheers, Craig.

21 05 2007

Hey Craig,
Glad you found it useful! That was the purpose of it! Have a great you hunt! Btw, I’ve got an updated 2007 HK report. Check it out under the ‘Travel’ category.

25 07 2007
Jay Hernandez

Many thanks for coming up with a list of recommended Hong Kong Toy Shops- definitely am going to check out CTMA Center…by the way; are the transformers figures sold at the shops you listed cheaper than the ones sold by toys r us HK? Thanks.:)

25 07 2007

Hi Jay,
It depends on which series of Transformers toys you are looking for. I’ve never been to toys r us HK before so i’m not sure about their prices.

The prices at CTMA varies from shop to shop so you’ll have to look around if you want the best price. Bottomline is if you are looking for some collector type of toys, CTMA is a definite destination you’ll want to visit.

28 07 2007
Jay Hernandez

I’m quite new to the hobby of toy collecting and am actually looking to start my collection with either the Transformers movie line of toys or the mcfarlane military series; have some things to consider like cost, detail, availability, etc.)…By the way, what do you think of the ultimate bumblebee? and do you have a review on the mcfarlane military series? thanks, sir.:)

28 07 2007

Hi Jay,
Unfortunately, I do not collect the mcfarlane military series. I’m into 12″ figures primarily.

The ultimate bumblebee looks amazing. Good for collectors who want even more movie accuracy!

3 08 2007
Mike Devaras

Im into action figures and airsoft. Do they have it there in mongkok?

4 08 2007

Hi Mike,
Yes, they do have action figures. However, I don’t recall any major airsoft shops while I was there.

13 08 2007

THANKS! Going to HK end of August and have been looking for actual addresses, rather than just “Mongkok”. Very helpful.

Does Michael Lau still have a gallery? open to the public?

13 08 2007

Hi thinknow101,
I did not visit his gallery. But you can find the address here: http://www.michaellau-art.com/michael.html

29 08 2007
Jon T

Another place to find some good deals would be the many vendors on Tai Yun Street. Sometimes the selection of items on offer can be quite narrow, but I’ve been surprised myself quite a few times – and as I recall the prices were much better there! It was also where I first saw the Armada Unicron figure! There are other shops around there as well, so it’s a good all-round place to soak up some of Hong Kong’s atmosphere!

24 11 2007
Jack F.

looking for stores that sell chap mei playsets; soldier force iv, and soldier force v. appreciate all respones. I will visit Hong Kong and possibly Singapre in March 2008.

9 12 2007

i’m going to shanghai and would like to know if you guys have any advices for toy stores in shanghai?

11 12 2007

Hi Peachy,
I’ve yet to scout out Shanghai but do fill me in if you find any good toy locations there!

9 03 2008

Hi, can you tell me where I can buy Transformer toys that can change from vehicle to robot and back again? I saw some on ebay hk but the shipping is ridiculous.

6 04 2008

Hi, thanks for the list. I’m going to HK this May 08. I’m an avid Transformers collector. Of the places you recommended, which will be the best for me??

9 04 2008

Dear Craig and entire team of SWFTOYS,

Thank you very much, this guide is the best I could find. My lovely friend will go to Hong Kong this April 2008 and with your guide, I hope she could get me the Gundam GAT-X105 fix figurine.

By the way, can I put a link of this page into my blog http://www.shewsbury.blogspot.com ?

Look forward to your permission…

And lastly I have searched around but still fail, do you know any link that could help me to locate any toy shop selling Gundam in Hokkaido, Japan ?

Thank you and best regards,


30 06 2008
yo casas

I am going to Hongkong next week. Do you know of any stores selling pullip dolls? thanks

1 08 2008

hello…anyone know their web site?

6 10 2008


Looking to buy Sailor Moon-luna/runa plush. Not the tralking version. If anyone knows where I can buy one, please let me know

Thank you


6 10 2008

If you are into gundams, i know of 2 other places where you can find them. its called INS point and 188 Building/Plaza.
For INS point, its very hard to detect what is inside only when you walked in. Basically mostly toys stuff.
For 188, its basically toys, video games, DVD, magazines.
Both places are very popular with HK people. As they are the ones who gave me this information.

22 10 2008

i plan to go HK for holiday end of this NOV, it’s my first visit! i would like to shop for reasonable price action figure or toys, really need you guys help and please recommended like which area or building i should go. Thank you so much.

22 10 2008

sorry, miss to post this email WahHeng.Ng@draftfcb.com, any info about HK area to shop for nice toys.

22 10 2008

especially Transformers please! Which area or building in HK could i shop for? anyone pls tell me. thank you. love you guys

5 11 2008

Hi there! Can you recommend where can i find Doraemon stuff in Hongkong? can you email it to doraemonlandia@yahoo.com

18 11 2008

HI, I am locating a place were I can buy Barbie collectors. I have been looking out for a while in Causeway Bay, but yet to vist rest of the places. Has any body seen any rare Barbie doll collectors in hongkong. Would be great if you could help me/… I have come cost constraint so looking for some good deals

19 12 2008

Can anybody tell me as to where i can buy Diwali barbie in Hongkong?

19 12 2008

anybody who sells collector barbie dolls in hongkong ?
Please let me know thanks am looking for festivals of the world Diwali barbie.

26 12 2008

Very useful information, thanks.

And where we can find “One Piece” merchant stores (as Jump store) in Hong Kong or Kowloon?

Thank you!


7 10 2009

Hey , can I check with you those toys shop in hong kong and taipei sells any miniatures toys…..

as in miniatures foods, furniture…..for doll house?

7 11 2009


Do you were to buy NBA bobble head dolls in HK? NBA Posters and stuff.
Also some collectible action figures.

17 02 2010

Hi, I use google and found this. I’ll go to HK tomorrow so your post is very helpful to me. Thanks.

Btw, is there any shop up there got Japan PVC figure? I also has a plan to search for Black Rock Shooter or Miku’s World is mine.

20 02 2010
Winged Lion

I found the CTMA centre by accident when I was trying to find Sino centre also in Mong Kok. Very tricky to get there as I’m not used to walking in large crowds of people especially in first week of the Lunar New Year. I was trying to find anime toys, Japanese collectible figures and Gothic Lolita items. In Sogo- Causeway Bay you can buy some Hangry and Angry merch and Emily Strange. There toy section on the 6th Floor, I haven’t checked for any Zoids or Gundam as these are hard to find here in the UK.

9 03 2010
Mike of Macau

Can anyone tell me where to find collectibles Transformers generation 1figures toys in HK?

23 03 2010

Im going to hongkong next week…do u know where i can find miniature furniture for doll house? and barbie please….tq

7 05 2010

will be going to taipei , then hong kong…HK or TPE cheaper to buy toys? do you advise to buy toys in taipei or save the $$$ , go hong kong buy…interested in star wars action figures and also lego…


11 08 2010

hi. does anyone know where i can find the sylvanian applewood department store in Hong Kong, or online near Hong Kong please?

24 08 2010
oz drum

hi. can anyone tell where i can find the sylvanian applewood department store in Hong Kong, or online near Hong Kong please?

2 09 2010

Anyone has an idea of where to find GI Joe figures in HK?

8 09 2010

Visited “In’s Point” recently – 2 floors of concentrated toyshops. Located outside Yau Ma Tei, around 530 Nathan Rd. There was 1 store that sold only GIJOE toys.

Anybody find a shop in HK that still sells TF Henkeis (other than In’s) or 3rd Party TF items – CrazyDevy, Fansproject, etc (other than Toyzone16)?


24 10 2010
craeg dataman

hello! i wonder where i can find voltes v and mazinger z die-cast robots in hong kong. please help!

22 11 2010

i have a question where would you go to buy a sugar sugar rune collectors item

3 02 2011

Hi anymore shop at tokyo? Im looking for figure hottoys and diecast….

5 03 2011
james potter

this is good……..

7 05 2011

Looking for collectible toy shops in Macau, Hong Kong and China as Im going there for 6 weeks any help appreciated thanks

31 05 2011


First of all, I’d like to thank you for the detail infomation of the HK toy stores.

I’ll be keaving in a week or so, so there are a few things I’d like to check out, since it will be my first time there.

First, I am aware that most people there speak Cantonese, but do they speak Mandrin just as much?

Secondly, are there any restrictions with taking pictures? As in, do the people mind if you take a picture of their shop without permission?

Finally, when is a good time of the day to start shopping? (I heard it’s usually 3 to 4 in the afternoon)

Thank you!

20 07 2011
The man

we need actual names of shop people!!!!

19 09 2011
Adam Ng (@Xamda_Joker)

I wanna ask, are there any shops with decent deals on Kamen Rider Belts? Much obliged.

22 02 2012

thus any body know were can i buy Warcraft action figures in hongkong

7 03 2012

Where can I go to buy msia gundams in hongkong? Which stores would have the best prices and selections? Thanks.

20 03 2012

Does anyone know where I can get purchase – Samurai Sentai Shinkenger – S.H Figuarts Shinken Yellow.
Need it urgently.


8 07 2012
Jem Estrella

Hi Guys, any Doraemon shops in Hong Kong? Please provide exact address. Preferably near TST.. thanks.. =)

1 11 2012

Try http://www.852kids.com – Online toy store in Hong Kong

24 04 2018

Prepare servant moved:

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