Review – Medicom 12″ Bruce Lee (Enter The Dragon)

31 05 2007

The last Review for May sees Medicom’s Bruce Lee put under the spotlight here at SWFToys. I must say that this figure is one of those rare figures I have that exudes a certain tractor beam-like draw to immediately break it out the very day that I buy it. And break out Medicom Bruce Lee I did and it was certainly an enjoyable review experience!

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Comics – Transformers : Generation One Vol 2

29 05 2007

Transformers : Generation One Vol 2

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Continuing the re-telling of the Transformers Generation One story is Vol 2: War And Peace. Still penciled by Pat Lee, Dreamwave’s War and Peace is set a year after the events in Volume 1. Readers who are not aware of this will probably be expecting continuity from the last page of Volume 1.

Once again, Pat Lee’s art is top-notch. I was lapping up every Autobot and Decepticon with glee with the turn of every page. Pat Lee is able to draw just about every Transformer with their individual faces distinctly even if only their faces are shown in a frame. And every Transformer is drawn sooooo well!

The story takes a different direction from the usual conflicts between the two factions led by Optimus Prime and Megatron. Now, new developments have been progressing in Cybertron while the unknowing Autobots and Decepticons slug it out on Earth. Shockwave seems to have put matters in Cybertron in order and brought peace between the Transformers on Cybertron.

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Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Pathfinder

27 05 2007

Next on the SWFToys review list is Sideshow’s 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Pathfinder. This figure is meant to model after Lieutenant Nik Sant who was a member of the Rebel Alliance’s Endor Strike Team tasked to take out the shield generator in The Return of the Jedi. Also known as ‘Gramps’, he’s the white bearded soldier seen in the Endor sequence. I’ve re-watched it and spotted him at the front when Han lured the Scout Trooper to the side of the shield generator facility where the other Endor soldiers were waiting to give the trooper a nasty surprise.

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Showcase – Hasbro’s Chancellor Valorum and Coruscant Guard

25 05 2007

Before Sideshow and Medicom rescued the 12″ scene for collectors, Hasbro ruled all with the Star Wars 12″ license. They produced figures in this format which defined for everyone (kids and collectors) what was available out in the market for Star Wars 12″. It was a dark age for all 12″ collectors as the incredible potential of a magnificent license was not tapped because of the lack of imagination. This was most perturbing because Star Wars is the epitome of imagination!

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Review – Medicom 12″ RAH Jack Bauer

23 05 2007


That’s what the most prolific Counter Terrorist Unit(CTU) agent yells at the impasse of impasse. When you hear that, you know that all the sweat and blood bled by Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) still fail to achieve a critical goal. Such scenes never fail to make the 24 fan wonder, “So what’s next?”. Of course the seasoned 24 fan would that know such situations would then require the intervention of a third party to come to Jack’s aid. The hero of the series is still human even with his numerous ingenious acts and incredibly good read of situations. When Jack yells ‘dammit’, 24 fans feel the frustration of this impossibly loyal patriot who has no qualms of getting his hands dirty to save his country. 24 IS one incredible ride!

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Musings – Go Get Medicom Bruce Lee, Wait No More!

21 05 2007

Here’s an already late alert to any collector out there who are still in two minds if they should get Medicom’s Enter The Dragon Bruce Lee! Go get it! Wait no longer! I’m sending this out after completing my review on this figure. The review will only be out a while later while I do the write-up and process the pics but there’s only one word (the bottomline) to describe Medicom’s Bruce Lee… SUPERB!!! And I’m totally blown away by it!

Go! Get out of your seat! Go ask your local toy shop if they still have a piece for you!

Investigates – Boba Fett’s Tools

19 05 2007

Ever wonder what the pouches on Boba Fett’s jumpsuit were carrying at the shin? I did. And for the longest of time, I did not have the answer until one day I seriously looked into this mystery. And surprisingly, the answer was not too hard to find. Let’s find out what these tools are in the first article in the new SWFToys Investigates section!

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