Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ Private Mark Drake (Aliens)

20 08 2007

This wasn’t on my initial target list. It happened that the local store had a good storewide discount sometime back. On the way there with Mrs SWFToys, I was meditating on 2 words in my mind – “Clubber Lang”, “Clubber Lang” (imagine it in the voice of Homer Simpson). Yes, I wanted to nail the Hot Toys Clubber Lang figure… at first. Well, I got there, picked up Clubber and opened the flap. For the price it was retailing at, it just wasn’t value for money even with the discount. It doesn’t have much accessories really.

Other options I had were the Aliens marine pair of Drake and Hudson. After spending some time examining these 2 grunts, I was convinced to get either of them. They were cheaper than Clubber and had definitely more accessories. With shelf space constraints, this is my mode of evaluation for ‘2nd tier’ figures these days. Anyway, I picked Drake for the size of his smart gun. Bigger is definitely gooder for me. Ha. And so Mrs SWFToys and I went home on my bike with Drake sitting on Mrs SWFToys’ lap for the entire journey. She had problems seeing ahead the whole time with the big box in front of her.

The next day I went back and got Hudson. He looked too good to miss out on! Watch for Drake soon!





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20 09 2007
Review - Hot Toys 12″ Private Mark Drake (Aliens) « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] dress him(shirt and pants) and fix up his head, hands and feet. For more pics of the box, see the Incoming […]

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