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1 11 2007

Iron Man Disassembled

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Iron Man Disassembled was a comic I bought following the excellent Thor Disassembled and the good Avengers Disassembled. Unfortunately, its contents wasn’t near anywhere as intriguing although there was some connection to Avengers Disassembled.

The first story sees Tony Stark heading to the Avengers Mansion upon learning about a secret project his father had undertaken for the government. He suits up as Iron Man and heads to… the basement of the mansion to look for a super giant robot sealed within its walls. And it was meant to be a secret operation without the knowledge of other Avengers present in the mansion. I just found the story rather lame. It’s like a killer going back to the scene of a crime crawling with police. (Only Jack Bauer is capable to pull this off convincingly.)

As expected, some Avengers sniffed something amiss and tailed Stark. AND as expected, the giant robot gets activated after such a long time in hibernation and a battle that involved every Avenger present ensued. Remember that the robot was under the mansion for ages without anyone knowing. Pretty weak.

I believe the main premise of this story(without the robot distraction) was to point out the status of the Avengers Mansion as U.N property and the conflict of interests resulting from Anthony Stark’s appointment as Secretary of Defense.

I found the second story rather confusing when I first read it. Maybe I wasn’t a regular Iron Man reader but having a doppelganger isn’t a new premise. In fact I found it a convenient way to get the nation in the comic world to see someone as the cause of troubles brought by an imposter. Too easy to turn on the heat on a Secretary of Defense who is starting to have a bad rep. And it’s getting really hot for Stark as the imposter starts murdering people wearing the Iron Man armour.

And so it came… as expected… that the imposter would pay Stark a visit. Even with Stark out of his armour, the imposter had trouble putting a blast on target at him for some serious damage. This is to allow Stark to clamber within his mansion to search for a spare Iron Man armour. Which he puts on. And finally the imposter hits the target except that the target is now protected by armour. *doh!*

Anyway, the real Iron Man triumphs. The imposter was supposedly an arms dealer who was brokering a deal with terrorists for giant robot… grasshoppers. Yes, GRRRRASSHOPPERS! I really think it was a case of the illustrator really wanting to draw grasshoppers for years but did not have a chance to put it into a comic. At least the Japanese had better design sense when they based the Kamen Riders on grasshoppers!

The saving grace for the second story for myself is the surprise find that the Ex Machina pair of Tony Harris and Tom Feister drew parts of it. I had found the pencils so familiar and just had to pull out The First Hundred Days to cross-check. Faces and body postures are never illustrated better when this pair is involved!

If you are hardly an Iron Man fan, steering clear of this comic may not be bad advice at all. Go get something better with your comic dollar!





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