Showcase – Comparing Faces of 24 Season 4 and 5 Medicom Jack Bauer

15 11 2007

With 2 Medicom Jack Bauer figures in my collection now, it is inevitable that I will put both of them together for a shootout… minus the guns that is. First up is the Season 4 version with Jack in bulletproof vest. Now this figure looks even more slender than before when compared to the Season 5 Jack. Let’s take a closer look at their faces.

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Showcase – Sith Master and Apprentice Fellowship

7 11 2007

No, this is not Darth Maul proposing to a religious figurine of Darth Sidious. I got out the Holo Sidious on Mechno Chair and posed it with the Sideshow Darth Maul figure. I had wanted to see how this two pair up in terms of height. Well, both looks pretty close to the the on-screen Maul and Mechno Chair in the Naboo invasion scenes.

A few more pics below.

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Showcase – Revoltech VF-1J Super Valkyrie

18 10 2007

Here’s my first Revoltech – a VF-1J Super Valk from Macross. Was drawn to buy one seeing that they are very poseable. They sacrifice the ability to transform to have over-the-top joints to have anime-like poses. Unfortunately, I found that it wasn’t that easy to get them into good-looking poses as seen in the promo pics and on the box art. And I had to be gentle as these guys are small and can’t take as much of the pressure that I exert on my usual 1/6 figures.


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Showcase – Sideshow 12″ Leia Boushh Alternate Head

6 10 2007

This is not an exclusive flesh version of IG-88 in Boushh disguise. Boussh’s armour can’t be so popular as a disguise for the masses right? Anyway, this is actually the head inside the Ubese helmet which is unable to fit the Leia head. Does remind me of Stikfas. Documenting this for posterity.

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Showcase – Sideshow Marvel Legendary Scale Iron Man Bust

20 09 2007

Weighing a hefty 6 kilograms, Sideshow Marvel’s Legendary Scale Iron Man bust was a real challenge to cart home on a motorcycle singlehandedly. Fortunately, I’ve had some experience pillioning big boxes (like Jabba the Hutt) and it helped in this case. Honestly, I did not know how big was this bust when I put down a deposit for its pre-order. I just know it wasn’t 1:1 scale! If it was this big, I would really had a problem on my hands.

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Showcase – Hot Toys Private Mark Drake Having a Stressful Break

16 09 2007

Here’s a look at a semi-naked Hot Toys Mark Drake. Imagine him taking off all his gear and taking a break in some dark and dank shithole always on the alert for the slightest noise that may mean a xenomorph ambush.

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Showcase – Iron Man Teaser

8 09 2007

With the recent release of the Iron Man movie trailer, comics fans are once again abuzz with excitement over finally seeing the red and gold tin man in live action. And he looks so darn cool in the trailer. And it looks really similar to the Iron Man comics… nothing as difficult to swallow for the masses like the radical changes to the Transformers movie makeover. And to join in all the excitement, here are 2 teaser pics of the latest toy to arrive at SWFToys. Yes, it’s Iron Man. Yes, it’s a really darn cool piece of art! Is it a 1/6 Iron Man? Ooooo… that’ll be really cool ain’t it?


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