Investigates – Boushh: Between the Name and the Race

10 09 2007

While blogging the Princess Leia as Boushh Incoming post the other night, I thought I’ll look up what a Boushh was in the Star Wars universe. I’ve seen and heard this word for sometime now but I never did got around to do some digging into its background. So I put in ‘Boushh’ into Google, hit enter and went for the Wookiepedia link. Lo and behold, Boushh was not really what I thought it would be.

From the resource in Wookiepedia, I realised that Boushh was actually the name of a person – a bounty hunter. I’ve always thought it was the name of a race or species. Now, Boushh? Is that a first name or surname? Then I caught myself. It’s Star Wars. Minute Earth conventions don’t apply. To Boushh, it’s probably unnecessary to have more than a word in a name.

Anyway, I read on and realised that Ubese was the race Boushh belonged to. I’ve not noticed any other Ubese in Star Wars though. Maybe the Prequels ? Since these three movies have a knack to ‘expand’ on stuff meant for a small on-screen role but later had a cult following. If there are any though, do highlight the scenes to me so I can spot them in my next re-watch.




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18 09 2007

If you look at the bottom of the “Ubese” page on Wookieepedia you’ll notice the “Appearances”; apart from Ep. 6 the rest are EU, whether games, comics, or novels.

19 09 2007

Hi Gab,
Yea, it lists only one appearance in ROTJ. I was hopping SW fans would have spotted Ubese in the background of the Prequels… however small the appearance may be.

19 09 2007

I doubt you’d see them anywhere else in the prequels considering they’re a race of Bounty Hunters and Mercs like the Mandalorians, only 2 bounty hunters ever show up in those movies: Fett the Father, and that shape shifter chick/frog.

Damn, the prequels lacked a Bounty Hunter gathering like in ESB and ROTJ. Maybe the Ubese had a seat in the senate; gonna need a magnifier to check, lol.

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