Investigates – Aliens Alumni in 24

14 09 2007

This Investigates post came about as I was scouring information on the Colonial Marines’ Private Mark Drake on the Internet. For the uninitiated, Drake was portrayed by actor Mark Rolston in the Aliens movie. His Smart Gun comrade, Private Jenette Vasquez, was played by actress Jenette Goldstein. My browsing through their personal data saw me scanning through both their filmographies. And it surprised me that both of them appeared in Day 3 of my favourite TV series, 24.

And the amazing thing is that they appeared in 24 episodes one after another! “No way!”, I exclaimed to myself as I ran my neuro-database to recall Day 3 scenes which had them in it. Rolston played Bruce Foxton and Goldstein was Rae Plachecki. These on screen names sounded familiar but I had to find out the scenes they appeared in. And so the place to go was the 24 Wiki!

Mark Rolston as Bruce Foxton was the dirty-works guy who went with Wayne Palmer to search Sherry Palmer’s house. Oh yes… now I remember. See pic from the wiki below.

How Rolston has aged. He appeared in Day 3 from 10am-11am and from 11am-12pm.

If you think he looks different from his Aliens role, check out Jenette Goldstein as Rae Plachecki. I nearly passed out seeing this.

You mean this… old lady is Vasquez? Oh man….

She appeared in Day 3 from 2am-3am and from 12pm-1pm.





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