Investigates – Revelations of 24’s Ira Gaines

11 06 2007

While doing some interest reading of Bruce Lee for the 12″ Review, I stumbled upon a familiar face from my favourite 24 TV series. It’s Ira Gaines. Well, that is the screen name for the excellent villain in 24 Season 1. The incredibly talented actor behind this character is Michael Massee. You may find him familiar because he terrified audiences in NBC’s 2005 series Revelations as an agent of the dark. I was surprised to find an unfortunate distinction on Massee due to a certain filming accident which went horribly wrong in one of his early movies. I deliberated for sometime on posting this. It’s not meant to drag up someone’s past but to celebrate moving on and accepting life’s sometimes unexplainable circumstances.

Check out the following interview with Massee from YouTube.

Massee is the actor who fired the gun (though loaded with blanks) that killed Brandon Lee in the filming of The Crow. Obviously traumatised by the tragedy, he subsequently went on a hiatus for a year in New York. But such an event is hardly easy to get over in a lifetime.

Find out more in this video.




4 responses

20 06 2007

wow, man. thank you so much for posting this. the crow is my favourite movie/book of all time and i still can’t believe sometimes that brandon lee was lost during the making of it. i’ve often wondered what the actor that fired the shot thought about the whole thing and how he dealt with it as you don’t hear that much about it. thanks!

20 06 2007

i share your sentiments as well and i was really surprised that the actor was someone i had watched in my favourite series!

So, do you have a 12″ The Crow in your collection or are you still waiting for one?

20 06 2007

i have the old mcfarlane 12″ and the neca 18″. i also have one of the talking neca dolls that were made a few years ago. it’s a terrible figure but i customised it a tiny bit and it looks fractionally better. a 12″ crow by hot toys or medicom would be unbelievable – there are a lot of people that want it. i really hope it happens someday. how about you? found any decent customs of eric?

22 06 2007

Nope. Come to think of it, I haven’t even seen a custom version actually. But I am pretty sure a character with such a large cult following will get its 12″ figure someday.

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