Travel – Taipei 2007: Danshui

22 07 2007

Besides visiting the northeastern coast of Taiwan, the next day saw us taking the MRT all the way to Danshui which is the northwestern part of Taipei. The Danshui MRT Station is the north most end station on the red Danshui line. Travelling time from Ximen MRT Station was about 40mins. So what’s there at Danshui? Well, I would say more food!!! But that’s because the summer heat discouraged us from venturing further. So that’s how my assessment of Danshui came to be!

A short distance from the doorstep of the Danshui MRT is a bustling street with food and shopping. There’s plenty to eat, see and play here. Weekends are crowded.

There’s also a very retro cinema here!

This thriving street also runs parallel to the waterfront. Sitting by the waters of Danshui River and enjoying the beautiful sunset is a favourite pastime here. It’s really great especially after an afternoon of shopping and non-stop eating. Time to give the feet a rest! I like Danshui for it’s laid back but yet bustling nature. Maybe being next to the scenic Danshui River sets it apart from the hectic Taipei city. And of course there’s still plenty to fill the traveller’s stomach even when you travel out of the city!




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12 08 2007

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