Travel – Taipei 2007 Pitstop #2: Toy Land @ Taipei 101

21 07 2007

Here’s the second and final toy pitstop for my Taipei trip – Toy Land at Taipei 101. Thanks to the tip from Kenny, I immediately scanned through Taipei 101’s directory listing the moment we were embraced by the mega-structure’s cool air-conditioned interiors. Spotted Toy Land to be in Basement 1 and waited for the chance to prod Mrs SWFToys down the escalator when her shopping at Espirit was done. “My turn now.”, I said to her.

As we visited on a Saturday, it was pretty crowded. And it does not help that everyone is escaping the outdoor heat by… going indoors. Anyway, once again the movie’s line of Transformers toys hog the front display. But despite the season’s darling, there isn’t much variety for the Transformers on sale. Could not find Ironhide, Barricade or Bumblebee. Too popular maybe?

Here’s the lowdown on Toy Land: The only 1/6 stuff found inside here are dolls. Girl’s dolls that is and Toy Land has a pretty big section for it. It caters to kids of all ages rather than more towards collectors. As such, you’ll find console games, super sentai, Godzilla and Ultraman monsters, model cars, etc here. There is a length of display shelf for a small quantity of more collector type of toys… and the venerable Gundam models. But that’s about it.

If you are visiting Taipei 101, no harm popping in for a look. For a trip largely void of sighting toys, Toy Land is still a welcome for me.




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17 04 2008

I´d like to know if this toy store, TOY LAND, has a website …

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