Showcase – Matrix Revolutions: Mifune’s Last Stand

29 07 2007


Here’s something I put together in the small confines of a shelf of my display shelf. Called Mifune’s Last Stand which was also the name on box of the Matrix APU toy. The other toy taking up all that shelf space is the multi-tentacled Sentinel. As seen from Matrix Revolutions, you know what a horde of these octopus-like machines can do when they run through you. Remember Mifune’s nasty cut on his face? Ouch. That’s gotta hurt!

Anyway, I got the APU some years back in mint condition. I remember the seller said to me that I should not break out the APU from the rather mint box since it would be of some value… in the future. The toy person broke out the toy the moment I moved into my new flat. I got the second-hand sentinel off eBay. The devilish head is rather heavy and the tentacles fun to have them pointing at the poor captain.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, enjoy the pics!




3 responses

31 07 2007

I love the way you photo-ed this… just a glimpse of the dude through all those tentacles… like a tease.

2 08 2007

Thanks eddie. Would have wanted to zoom in on Mifune’s face but it was a little inaccessible since it was in a shelf.

1 10 2008
agent mulder

HELL YEAH!!!as a matrix fan,i love to see that im not the only one who do the same thing with the models,love the pic,its just like a part from the movie,excelent work!!!

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