Incoming – Sideshow 1/6 Jabba’s Throne Set

27 07 2007

2 words starting with the letter ‘H’ describes the experience of breaking out my Sideshow 1/6 scale Jabba’s Throne set. They are ‘Humongous’ and ‘Herculean’. The unraveling of something this huge in my rather small study room is sure to catch the attention of Mrs SWFToys. “So this is Jabba the Fat’s throne huh?”, she went as her eyes inspected the black surface of the box. I rolled my eyes and for the very first time I said, “Give me a hand with this, will ya?”. I’ve never required her assistance breaking my toys and this time I really needed it. We opened the box, laid it on its side. Mrs SWFToys pulled on the styrofoam box within while I pulled the box in the other direction. Here’s what in it…

Resting on top of the styrofoam box is Sideshow Collectibles Volume Nine. Nice. Some consolation for buying this unwieldy toy. Seeing the tough part of the job done, Mrs SWFToys went her way to do her things. I headed for the storeroom to get my measuring tape. The burning question in me was whether this big thing would fit in my display cabinet.

Opening the styrofoam box, I could see the outlines of the throne through its wrappings. I quickly pulled a length of the tape and set it on the width of the throne. (Length and height is not an issue… width is!) I measured some 43cm till the tip of those protrusions at the side of the throne. I opened my cabinet and put in the tape for the verdict…. *drum roll* It’s a no fit.

My cabinet’s short by some 5cm. Oh, why didn’t I get the contractor to build a deeper cabinet! Darn. Now where am I going to put this furniture?!? My mind started to conjure up some acrylic box that I could encase Jabba, his throne and his other palace creatures in it. I’ll give it a base and get 5 panes of clear acrylic to house it and keep out the dust. It’s possible but it’ll be some work to put together this thing. Imagine… building something to house the throne that houses Jabba!

And I did not unwrap the throne to take a closer look as that will be for the time of the review. So don’t expect to see this guy till the palace for the throne is ready. It’s truly herculean to attempt to take the humongous throne set out again!




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