Travel – SWFToys Back From Taipei!!!

23 07 2007

Ok, back from Taipei! Our 6 days there from 18 Jul to 24 Jul was really just 4 days of playtime. We arrived at our hotel at 9pm plus on the first night and we flew off from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 9.15am on the last day. Should scrutinise the travel plan in greater detail the next time! Anyway, it’s a really fun trip although we were visiting Taipei only. Besides the usual toy hunt report, I will also be posting some information on sightseeing as well. Even the toy hunter cannot hunt for toys for the entire trip right? Actually, for once there will be more sightseeing reports. I have to admit that there was limited success in my toy plan. But at least it’s a contribution of info for the next Taipei bound toy hunter. There will only be 2 pitstops featured this time. Watch for the backdated posts! For other stuff about Taipei, read on…

We were crazy to visit during summer. News on TV were reporting record breaking searing temperatures of over 38 degrees. Everyday there was hardly a sliver of fluffy cloud in the sky. Just a blue sky which was great for photos but hard on the skin. I’ll NEVER VISIT DURING SUMMER AGAIN!!! Mrs SWFToys was darting between the shadow of buildings, street signs and traffic lights before she got the life-saving umbrella. For myself, I took the heat like a man… occasionally(well… frequently actually) finding solace in ice mango, beancurd pudding and other cold desserts.

Anyway, here’s my thoughts about what’s best and what’s … un-best about my Taipei trip.

What’s great:

  1. FOOD!!! It’s the best place for food! There’s just so much to eat!!!
  2. Shopping is fabulous as well.
  3. Customer service. Taiwanese are so polite with words.
  4. Many sweet and pretty gals – honest observation. Handsome guys – Mrs SWFToys’ observation. Combine this with summer and you’ve got a really sizzling trip!
  5. Good places to visit. Night markets are a must to visit! Bustling with activity.
  6. Location of my hotel – Paradise Hotel.
  7. China Airlines.

What’s un-great:

  1. Summer is oooh so hot!!!
  2. Can’t find much 1/6 stuff!
  3. No currency changing services on the street. Only available in banks and selected hotels. You’d be stuck if you are short of cash on Sundays. Happened to Mrs SWFToys on our last day which was a Sunday.
  4. Mandarin dominated menus. Problem for the non-Mandarin reading crowd.

So there you have it, a summary of my Taipei experience. I’ll be posting info and pics on the following destinations as well:

Check in again!




2 responses

25 07 2007

yea bro…wonderful post and review here. I totally agreed with you, not much 1/6 figures there during my recent visit. I was too busy eating till i forgot to review and photo my toyhunt there…so far Wan Lian building like you mentioned is the most gathered toyshops…other shops were all scattered out of town, unless you know where.

Taipei is a great place to see mei mei, eat and eat hehehe 😛

25 07 2007

Hey Ken,
The mei mei are either very pretty or soooo… sweet. If only the HK toy scene can merge with the Taiwan food scene! It’ll be the best combo!

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