Model Kits – 1/100 Hyper Mode God and Master Gundam

7 05 2007

Here’s 2 precious kits of mine that are still shrink wrapped. It’s the Master Grade 1/100 scale version of the God Gundam and Master Gundam from the superb anime series – G Gundam! And it’s the Hyper Mode version which is totally gold!

The G Gundam series map not be the favourite of Gundam fans but it is the undisputed No. 1 Gundam anime for me. I guess many hated the weird Gundams found in this series. And while the usual Gundam anime revolved around a realistic setting, G Gundam was Gundam with super powers. Realism sort of took the back seat. Ha.

So what’s so captivating about G Gundam? First of all, the story (if you make it till the end, that is) is touching. At least more than any of the Gundam anime I’ve seen. It’s really good in my opinion and I’ve re-watched it a number of times. Never fails to leave a tear at the edge of my eyes. You go through the events in the anime from start till finish with the lead character, Domon Kasshu, and his assistant Rain Mikamura. How wonderful the development of their relationship! Makes me wanna bring out my DVDs again!

The second attraction factor is the Gundams in it! God Gundam, Master Gundam of course tops the list. As you can see from the pics here, they are awesomeness personified! And these Master Grade kits have a poseable skeleton underneath. I’ve yet to open it but being gold, I’m hopping I do not need to paint them!

Other cool Gundams from the G series are Shining Gundam, Gundam Spiegel, Gundam Maxter, Gundam Rose, Bolt Gundam, Dragon Gundam and the Devil Gundam! Somehow, they grew on me. The first 2 on this list are also available in Master Grade 1/100 kits!




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