Review – Sideshow 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman

10 05 2007

It’s Sideshow dominating the past few Reviews at SWFToys. And the latest figure to be reviewed from Sideshow is the 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman! It was certainly a drag to review Sideshow’s T-800. It was really reminiscent of the Medicom Ghost Rider review! I’m looking to this new figure for a boost in morale and I am sensing a reprieve even before I open it!

Something caught my attention even before I broke out the Infantryman. I opened the box flap and read what was written on the inside. The writings in the box can be worth a read, especially if the figure is one of your favourite. In the case of this Rebel Commando, it’s because of the debut of the ‘Militaries of Star Wars’ line that this figure is being marketed under.

Remember the teaser Sideshow released when Order of the Jedi was released? The hints in the write-ups were pretty accurate in giving a clue to what figures are planned for release! And this trend continued for the Lords of the Sith and Scum & Villainy. For the later, we could not believe that Jabba would be planned. And guess what? We got a 1/6 freakin’ cool Jabba the Hutt! So, pay attention to what is written you must!

And so, the Endor Commando box mentions several factions from the 6 Star Wars movies. There were the Separatist droids(gaping mouth..), the Republic’s clonetroopers(drooling…), the Imperial Stormtroopers(dehydration…) and those in the Imperial army who are ‘not only’ Stormtroopers! Well, these are some fun words to pick up!

My goodness! Sideshow, continue to make our dreams come true!

On to the review!





There’s hardly any complains for the Sideshow’s Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman. Very poseable and stable, it was definitely a joy to handle. Great overall details and construction of the clothes and accessories make it a good figure to pick up for the Star Wars fan. Non fans may find it hard to appreciate it amongst the plethora of WW-era and modern military figures to choose from.

What’s good:

  • Good sculpt.
  • Good overall construction for clothes & accessories.
  • Nice overall details.
  • Stable and poseable figure.
  • Finally a 12″ version of Endor Rebel soldiers!

What could be better:

  • Box art could be better.
  • Tailoring of the vest is a suspect.

Review Details


This is one department Sideshow has been scoring well since the advent of their Star Wars and Lord of the Rings 12″ line. In fact, they are close to excellent for their collector-friendly box designs and beautiful box art. As a collector, I am truly grateful.

As such, the box art for the first of their ‘Militaries of Star Wars’ line is looking strangely uninspired. It’s really plenty of black and grey with a photo of the figure on it. And it does not help that the ‘Militaries of Star Wars’ words are dull in colour. While the box is still as wonderfully designed, the box art has somewhat taken a dip. I’m not too sure if a non Star Wars fan will be attracted enough by this box to buy this fringe figure.


I am unable to ascertain if the face sculpt is meant to take after any particular actor who was a Rebel Endor soldier in The Return of the Jedi. Nevertheless, I find the Infantryman’s sculpt to be excellent.

The expression is one of … focused fatigue. Someone who has seen too much action on the frontlines and weary of the years of war. All that displacement of the Rebel Alliance’s base can be tiring. You can imagine this guy on guard duty on some Endor outpost and he is intensely scanning the boundaries for enemies. The furrow of the brow is a bit exaggerated though. Some brow muscles there to do such detailed frowning. Nevertheless, a really good sculpt!

Quality of Product

The Rebel Endor Infantryman has all the quality construction of his Sideshow Star Wars predecessors. Blessed with a well-articulated body, it poses very well. This is also partly due to the figure not wearing big clothes such as a Jedi robe or having the massive tentacles of a Nautolan. This is a military figure – Star Wars style.

One gripe I have here is the tailoring of the vest. It seems ill-fitting as there are unsightly bulges on the chest and the jacket seems rather short. In fact, it reminded me of one of those Mrs SWFToys’ super mini ladies cardigans! You know… those cardigans that are impossibly small as they cover only half of the back and hardly gives any warmth to the wearer! Pretty impractical huh?

Anyway, the Infantryman’s vest is something I would not want to have with me when I go on an operation in the Endor forests! However, it’s not too noticeable once the bandolier is draped over it. The square plastic on the vest is actually the military rank by the way.

The Infantryman’s camo uniform comes with a hood. One weird detail of the camo uniform is that the pants’ zipper seems to be at the back. While it is not weird in the 1/6 world, I wonder if it was true to the on-screen Rebel Endor soldier’s pants! Fast crapping feature handy to deal with the sudden appearance of Imperial Biker Scouts on speeders in the forest?

Gator wraps at the pant legs bring to remembrance WWI soldiers. It’s a nice detail that reminded the not so high tech nature of the Rebel Alliance when compared to the faceless sleek uniform of Imperial Stormtroopers.


I did not encounter difficulties in posing this Endor Infantryman. In fact, it handled most poses very well without falling over. I guess not wearing big and clumsy clothes does make the CG easier to figure out. But the tight joints of the legs and the good footwear design did play a major role as well.



Accessories included with Sideshow’s Endor Infantryman are:

  • Blastech A-295 Blaster Rifle
  • Hard Pack
  • Helmet
  • Bandolier

If I am not wrong, the A-295 blaster rifle should be the first blaster rifle to be produced under Sideshow’s 12″ license. And it had a very ‘Star Wars’ feel to it. I guess the memories of handling blaster rifles from my 3.75″ Star Wars figures from ages past had a part in this assessment. And now I’m looking at a 1/6 scale version! This awesome blaster rifle comes with a good length of strap that allows for some good poses. No problems slinging the rifle over the shoulders or over the head. This is an important detail that sometimes we often take for granted.

The hard pack is another good looking accessory. Maybe too good looking. Straight lines and good paintwork make this hard pack seem straight out of the Rebel Alliance’s supply depot. What happened to dents and paint chips when the infantry lazily slumps onto some tree trunk to have a break? Or blaster burn from battle exchanges with Biker Scouts? Although nicely detailed with the tube, knobs and rivets, the hard pack is way too new to compliment the weathered helmet! Just a minor observation. Being new is pretty too!

My greatest impression of the Endor Infantry helmet from the movie was the scene where Leia’s helmet was recovered by Han after she was carted off to the Ewok camp. Somehow, that scene etched in my mind the design of the Endor soldiers’ helmet. It was great to finally feel it in my hands and examine it closely. The many details on the helmet from the inner lining to the helmet strap and the weathering paint work were good! Really beautiful result.

The bandolier comes with holders for what seems to be ammo. I was not able to ascertain what type of ammo were they. Again, I’ll remember to lookout for this detail should I re-watch The Return of the Jedi again! Attached to the belt are some pouches. Be careful with a particular pouch which tends to fall off as its clip is not secure when hooked to the belt. I dropped it several times when handling this figure.








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