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4 05 2007

This past month had been the busiest period so far… this year. And I managed to squeeze in one important activity – the building of my gaming rig! This is pretty significant because I have been patiently waiting for its arrival for 4 years! 4 long years! I would keep tabs on the hardware prices faithfully every quarter of the year. Gosh, at one point I was so close to build the rig with a 7600GT graphics card! Therefore, it was certainly a dream come true when I finally carted this monster home one Saturday afternoon.

Hmm… the pic above isn’t very complimenting of my gaming rig. But trust me, it’s pretty awesome! *Ahem!* Editing photos for SWFToys is suddenly much faster as the hardware muscle kicks in to shoulder the demands. By the way, did I mention that I had been using Mrs SWFToys’ Dell machine for several years now?

And the 400GB harddisk should be enough to house all the pictures taken for this blog.

Another purpose I hope to achieve through this computer is the playing of movies. In time, I hope to be able to play and capture screen shots of movie characters relevant to the 12″ figures reviewed here for closer scrutiny! I’m sure it’ll be something beneficial for all readers. You get more resources to form your own opinion of the figures.

And… with a power rig comes the temptation and the draw of playing games! The Star Wars fan in me demanded that I wasted no time in picking up The Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Yes, it is not a new game but then neither is it old. Anyway, I’ve held out from buying it for a few years now and the wait is over! Once home, several hours flew past like the ticking of seconds as I swash buckle my way through the Star Wars galaxy. Negotiations with my lightsaber was frequent. I then threw in Farcry, Football Manager 2007 and Company of Heroes…

Then I realise… oops… forgot to review the toys…




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22 05 2007

OMG… Football Manager? Say goodbye to your life. It’s the ultimate time sucker for me. I can spend hours browsing and comparing stats of players and staff.

My girlfriend thinks Football Manager is about as fun as an excel spreadsheet. Pfft. What does she know.

22 05 2007

Ha. Excel spreadsheet? That’s a good one!

FM is a real time sucker! Period. And it brings out the worst in me when my team fails to perform consistently! It’s one game that gives me a roller-coaster ride in emotions!

Yeah. I was spending alot of time browsing stats. And I am not even halfway through what I want to read! Then there are comparisons, staff stats, etc. It’s humongous!

22 05 2007

So, what’s in that monster of yours??

22 05 2007

Yup. Haha. Watching those dots move around the pitch is like watching a real soccer match.

FM gets my vote for game with most value.

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