Comics – Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 3

14 01 2007

Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 3

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Clone Wars Vol 3 – Last Stand On Jabiim collects Star Wars Republic #54 – #59

After a significant layoff from Star Wars comics, I finally got back some desire to go back to the Clone Wars series again. Honestly, I was rather apprehensive to spend my comic dollar on Clone Wars Vol 3 – Last Stand On Jabiim. Vol 2 was not a very good read.

I was rather tempted to pick up Vol 9 instead which had Vader on the cover. The stories depicted in the Clone Wars comics so far are not outstanding. Maybe the Star Wars genre has such a firm stamp on the movie medium that reading it in comics just pales in comparison. Furthermore, comics lightsaber action is really much less action than in the movies. Not quite used to it somehow. Maybe picking up Vol 9 directly would be a better idea.

Anyway, the first story ‘Blood And Rain’ opens this TPB with the early version of the AT-AT blasting away at Jabiimi rebels. Jabiim is a world that sees constant rain. Muddy terrain is therefore expected. Basically, whether you are a Republic trooper or Jabiimi rebel, you can expect wet socks and underwear as you blasting away for your life.

Anyway, this story sees the Republic forces led by General Obi Wan attempt to quell the separatist movement on Jabiim. Anakin appears here as well. Initially, the Republic were gaining momentum but their victories over smaller outposts had seen their supply line lengthen without hitting the enemy where it really hurts. Something similar from current day war. And before they could sit down and decide on what to do, they got a counter-attack by the natives of Jabiim. You’ll get to see AT-AT being brought down as well as other machinery seen on the Battle of Geonosis.

The second story ‘Thunder And Lightning’ chronicles the events a week after the first story. The tide is turning and the Republic forces are getting hit where they are weakest. And they are sustaining massive casualties without reinforcements. More Jedi padawans get cut down. The theme is nothing new – both sides have their reasons to fight in the war. The Jabiim guys recounts how their relatives were killed and stomped on by ‘Jedi war machines’. The Republic are fighting with the support of some Jabiim faction as well. Their interest seems to be for the ore resource found in the heart of the planet. I can’t help but feel that the Kuwait or Iraq War had some influence on this storyline. *yawn*

But it’s sad that as the prospect of ending the war on Jabiim diminishes, the Republic went on to pull out and leave the natives to fight their civil war. And of course the locals were pissed and were on the verge of shooting the Republic clones themselves. It was here that we see Anakin using the Force Choke to stop the Jabiim leader from further aggressive action. Signs of Vader growing up!

The first 2 stories were pencilled Brian Ching. His work here is commendable as the characters’ faces were drawn tight and crisp. Just the way I like it. However, I did have some problems distinguishing between the lesser known characters as they looked rather similar! My problem.

The final story ‘Storm After The Storm’ was a story that interest me. Mainly it was due to the appearance of A’Sharad Hett the Tusken Jedi! From the start, I could deduce that there would be a play on the conflicting feelings Anakin would have working with this Jedi here. As we know, Anakin’s mom was tortured by Tusken Raiders. That led to him slaughtering every living Tusken in that camp.

Well, the identity of A’sharad Hett is revealed here and he discovered Anakin’s ‘burden’. I found this final story more meaningful somehow. I guess it explored what was left off in Attack Of The Clones. How Anakin went on to live with the guilt of the Tusken killings. By now, I believe Anakin had already made several steps towards the Dark Side. No doubt Palpatine would pick that up in their following years of friendship.

After 3 volumes of the Clone Wars stories, I am rather fatigue from the indistinguishable battles on lesser known systems. I am interested in those ‘outer rim’ characters who did not have a prominent starring role in the Prequels. Characters like A’Sharad Hett, Quinlan Vos, Shakti, Ki Adi Mundi and the likes. This is the reason why I am picking up the 3 volumes in this series.

My search continues…




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