Musings – Getting RAH RAH over Boba!

16 01 2007

No. This is not an incoming. I wish it were though. Lately, collecting 12″ figures just got more exciting with Medicom heralding the coming of RAH Boba Fett brought sweet music to my ears. I had long expected the move from Medicom but it took a while to materialise. I can’t image any 12″ producer with a Star Wars licence not release a figure of Boba Fett. So yes, Sideshow’s Boba Fett will come as well!

Slated for a release in June this year, it should not be too hard a wait for myself as I have enough figures arriving before then to keep me distracted till the pointy toed bounty hunter touches down on local shores.

Medicom’s website has it that this is an Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett. That would mean a lighter shade of green on Boba’s armour. I thought Marmit’s take on this colour was rather spot on. I absolutely loved it. However, from the promo pics released, Medicom’s green seems to be leaning more towards the Return of the Jedi version. I have no problem with that though as a new 12″ Boba Fett figure will always make my day as long as it comes out of a serious collector toys manufacturer.

As perfect it is to me, I’ve always found Marmit’s Boba Fett to have a rather small helmet. To be exact, Marmit’s helmet is close to the same size as the head of the figure. It would be a serious no fit or tight fit if a 1/6 head is squeezed into it. Medicom’s Boba Fet looks to have a big head which is consistent with the movie version. It’s more like someone wearing the helmet than someone have a helmet as a face!

So Medicom’s Boba Fett has a few good points going for it right now. Let’s hope they get the proportions right as well… But I’ll probably still get it if they make him smaller!

Check back in June!




8 responses

16 01 2007
Shaun Wong

looking forward to this as well, recently picked up Stormie, Vader and Yoda to await his arrival.

18 01 2007

hi shaun, you must have spent quite bit on those medicom figs! which vader figure did you get? EPIII or EPVI?

18 01 2007
shaun wong

Hey Vincent, ROTS and ROTJ vader averaged out to $200 a piece, Stormie $150 & Yoda $85

18 01 2007

$200 a piece for a Medicom Vader? Where did you get it? I’m waiting for a price like that to plunge in!

18 01 2007
Shaun Wong

My friend went to some toy warehouse sale in Japan and picked up an extra piece for me, stormie and yoda were bought locally.

19 01 2007

I got the ROTS Vader for about 200$ Canadian. The Stormtrooper for 91$ US from Ebay, the same guy is selling it now for 110.

20 01 2007

I got so excited when I saw a press release at about Medicom’s Boba Fett being sold there that I had to google search it and found your post. great pic of the figures, he looks awesome. I can’t wait to see Boba up close, the proportions in the images look great to me and you’re right the green does look more Return of the Jedi(good eye).

20 01 2007

hi d33d, it sure is great to be able to share the excitement of releases like Medicom’s Boba Fett with fellow enthusiasts. And it being a Boba Fett, sure cause that excitement to skyrocket through the roof! Hope more pictures of it will be released soon!

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