Review – Medicom 12″ Wolverine (X-Men The Last Stand)

13 01 2007

Here is 2007’s first review at SWFToys! The subject today is… Medicom’s Wolverine! It’s the movie version – specifically X-Men: The Last Stand. With no other truly impressive Wolverine 12″ figures in the market today, I figured that I will make do with the movie version for the moment. ‘Make do’? I make it sound like this latest Marvel offering from Medicom doesn’t make the cut! That’s not accurate… my comment is off because this Wolverine figure is really good!

Long before Medicom’s movie Wolverine hit the stores, collectors had seen the comic version released. And of course, X-Men and Wolverine fans all over the world were excited. And they should be because it was a figure right out of the comics. The uniform had the familiar yellow and blue seen on Logan since his first appearance as a Canadian government agent. That’s really a plus point. The downside was(for myself) that the headsculpt looked funny. Of the 2 heads included, I preferred the one without the mask. It was a shame because many fans loved Wolverine with his mask on.

Some argued that that’s pretty close to the comics and it’s the comics version remember? True. But it’s more Golden Age Wolverine than… ok… a Jim Lee Wolverine! So it seems that a Jim Lee version could be a bit too much to ask for.

Then there were the X-Men movies out of Hollywood. I must say that the trilogy is probably the best superhero film involving a team. I enjoyed it. And it was a shame that they did not stick to the comic-accurate uniforms. But then, Hollywood has always had the knack to change certain things to make the movie sell. However, I accepted it seeing how well it was implemented. And so it was that when promo pics of Medicom’s Wolverine were available for pre-orders, I raised my hand to get one for myself. It looked great… really reminded me of Hugh Jackman.

Now on to the review…


Biggest reason to want to own this figure is that the headsculpt is exellent. It resembles High Jackman from the X-Men movies. This Medicom Wolverine is also a looker when displayed among other figures because of the nice orange-black contrast of its uniform. The size of the claws will make the Wolvie fan drool. The downsides to this figure is mostly negligible and should not stop you from getting it.

What’s good:

  • Good movie-accurate headsculpt that resembles Hugh Jackman.
  • Good facial expression. Great looking scowl!
  • Great looking costume.
  • Good rendition of Wolverine’s claws.
  • Beautiful costume with the right materials used.
  • Allow collectors to own this figure for a not-too-painful-on-the-wallet price.

What could be better:

  • Skin tone is too fair.
  • Abysmal display stand.
  • Unimaginative packaging.
  • Hardly any accessories.

Review Details


Medicom Wolverine comes in a rather standard box with a flap in front. While it is collector-friendly, it is unimpressive by today’s standards. It makes it seem that all the production budget had gone into the figure and the packaging was an afterthought. See more of the packaging here!


This is probably the strongest point of this figure. Medicom Wolverine’s face resembles Hugh Jackman’s take on the adamantium laced hero from the movie. Nice overal sculpt of the head including the movie-accurate interpretation of Wolverine’s not too over-the-top hairdo. Facial expression is that of slient determination. I like it because it is suitable for most poses.

A gripe I have with the face is that the skin tone is too fair! Unless this is a Wolverine who holes up in the X-Men mansion most of the time to read, it is hard to stomach. Compared to my other figures, I suspect whitening cream has been used!


Quality of Product

Medicom Wolverine is really a good looking figure. Besides the headsculpt, the next best thing is probably the uniform. The orange-black contrast on the uniform stands out when this figure is displayed. I really liked the uniform for the material used as well as the tailoring. It gives the same body-hugging and constricting feel as seen in the movie although it really is not that tight on the figure. I could almost hear the leather squeak with every movement of this Medicom Wolverine!

Wolverine’s claws are generously long. It reaches the knee of the figure and it is a welcome! The size is just about right and it conveys the damage it can inflict if they are stabbed into someone.

Another aspect that I like about Medicom’s Wolverine is the articulation at the wrist. The joint allows the fist to bend pretty much inwards towards the inside of the forearm. This allows good poses of Wolverine in ready to slash action.


Medicom Wolverine does reasonably well here. It is rather stable when upright. However, when you want to do more Wolverine type of poses, it is likely you will need a stand to help out. This figure has good ankle articulation which helps in making it stable.



This Wolverine package is rather bare in the accessories department. What is included are a clawless set of hands and an abysmal display stand. I can hardly imagine why someone would want to put those clawless hands on the figure when those claws are so magnificient. Furthermore, what would Wolverine be doing most of the time when his claws are not extended for the world to see? Maybe puffing on a cigar or doing a ‘come on and get me’ thing with is finger. It would have been better if the extra set of hands had a cigar attached to it or a closed fist with the index finger sticking out.

The display stand included is probably one of the worst I’ve seen so far. It’s made of clear plastic and its strength is a suspect. It looked like it will snap easily under pressure. 2 grips for the stand are included. The mechanics of the grip and the adjustment screw is really simplistic. Screw tight at the height you require after adjustment along the display rod. Before long, the screw threads on my gripe had become worn and screwing it isn’t going to tighten the grip. My screw just went round and round without ever tightening.

While I appreciate the more affordable price as compared to Medicom’s past offering, the quality of things such as the display stand is rather disappointing. But its not reason not to buy this figure as display stands can be replaced. It’s just mind boggling how a toy manufacturer out of Japan can compromise in such areas. Look at Hot Toys, their display stands are much more solid and they come with a generous dash of class!





9 responses

15 01 2007

So is he shorter than your other 1/6 figures?

16 01 2007

Not really. Not noticeable. But he is a little smaller. Smaller face. Not really a prob for me.

Hey, I’m considering if I should get the Shadowtrooper as well.

16 01 2007
Shaun Wong

ooh seeing you balance the figure on its claws in the last pix made my heart jump! Amazing photos man. The height is quite decent I feel compared to other 1/6 figs and its really cool how light the figure feels.

17 01 2007

Don’t consider….just GET.

lol, kidding, I love mine, so much so that I’ve given my Sideshow Obi to my brother, let him do whatever he wants with it; same thing goes for Darth Maul….eventually. Anyway, I also ordered the ROTS Vader, should be getting it sometime this week. And once Boba shows up on a North American e-tailer….he’s mine!

18 01 2007

yeah. this medicom wolverine is really cool and it is one of the more enjoyable figures to handle for meyself.

gab: u giving your SS Darth Maul to ‘let him do whatever he wants with it’ as well? Isn’t that cruelty to toys?

19 01 2007

lol, not necessarily, he wants to add a little black paint to the lips, he says Maul looks like he’s kissed a Ketchup bottle.

11 09 2007

haha…Wolverine safely in my display cabinet! It is simply the coolest figure I have even without any accessories on. The outfit is so immaculately done that no stopping wolverine to do difficult poses. Guys who haven’t got this, you don’t know what you are missing here!!

11 09 2007

yup, definitely one of the hits amongst other disappointing Medicom figures. Definitely a looker as well!

7 05 2010

How much does it cost???? I want it.

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