Movies & DVD – 24 Season 6

28 10 2007

A visit to a local music store during lunch yielded a surprise find – the much coveted 24 Season 6 DVD boxset!!! Within seconds, my hands were all over it, my eyes scanning every inch of the box. It’s good to see Chloe, Bill and Jack again! To m, it’s really Day 1 of a thrilling ride through another 24 season. Excited, I called Mrs SWFToys to tell her of my find. Since Season 1, Mrs SWFToys has been transformed into a big fan of the series. “Oh really? Yeahhhhh!!!! We can watch 24 again!” was her exhilarated response.

My walk back to the office was noticeably infused with a certain upbeat. However, I did find the summary at the back of the DVD rather… unexciting. Season 5 ended splendidly with Jack being shipped off into the unknown. The summary somehow did not seem to have a credible continuation to that Emmy-winning season. While I am glad to have Jack back, I did not want his efforts to disappear from Chinese notice to go utterly to waste due to a writer’s off day. I remembered Season 5’s trailer and it was really fantastic watching it after Day 4. It was then that Chloe started having a major role. I felt for Jack’s predicament even more as I wonder how a Special Adviser to the Secretary of Defense became a fugitive in a single day. That, for the uninitiated, is the lightning pace of 24.

I am aware that Season 6 has already received flak for missing fans’ expectations. I’ll cross my fingers and decide for myself when I begin watching it tonight. Mrs SWFToys will be kept in the dark regarding this as I do not want to spoil her experience in any way. Nevertheless, I know I am most glad to see Jack in action, Bill leading CTU and Chloe helping Jack secretly under the radar.

It’s the end of a year’s wait, the end of the 24 cold turkey! That’s cause to celebrate!

(pic from Kiefer’s World)





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