Comics: House of M

26 10 2007

House of M TPB

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Here’s a long overdue follow-up to my Avengers Disassembled read some months back. I had originally intended to follow the post Avengers Disassembled storyline closely but gave up Captain America Disassembled and Iron Man Disassembled turned out not quite the good read as Avengers Disassembled. Hmm… that was quite a few ‘Disassembled’ in the last sentence… humph!

Those following the story from Avengers Disassembled would have guessed that the ‘M’ in House of M refers to Magneto since his daughter, the Scarlet Witch, was the cause of some catastrophic events at the Avengers Mansion. She had suffered a mental breakdown and had used her powers to alter reality in an attempt to recreate her children. In its essence, it’s really a sad situation. The temptation to re-animate our loved ones who had passed on would have been real for all man – not only mutants. The difference is that non-mutants have to accept and deal with the loss.

And so it is that in the wake of such a calamity that the X-Men and Avengers meet to decide on the fate of the Scarlet Witch. The term ‘superheroes’ is then put to the test as heroes ponder to themselves what should be done. The easy way out was to eliminate the Scarlet Witch. Problem solved. Everyone can get back to rebuilding works. I found it rather corny that the heroes decide to find the Scarlet Witch to speak with her before making a decision. It just signaled that the death sentence was already considered. Only it was in the closet only to be pulled out when the heroes’ will breaks.

They went looking for her in a desolate Genosha only to have reality pulled from under their feet as the Scarlet Witch meddled with reality on a world scale. Everyone just awoke to a new world. And expected, Magneto’s family is king in that world. I wonder why the prominence if it is your children that you desire? Seclusion would be better to avoid ‘awaking’ those hunting you. Wouldn’t the ability to enjoy your preferred reality for a longer time be more important than fame and power? Just doesn’t add up. Anyway, its the comics.

As expected, one ‘awaken’ mutant slowly re-activated the whole gang through the convenient powers of a girl called Layla Miller. Basically, she got everyone’s memories back one by one. It’s not too long that powers were unleashed as the X-Men and Avengers launch an assault on Magneto’s family members. I shall not say more of the ending but I am curious about its effect thereafter.

While House of M did not have the most convincing of stories, I enjoyed Olivier Coipel’s art. He pretty nailed the facial features of the heroes down very well. I’m rather inclined to take a peek at his work on the new Thor series when the TPB comes out. Olivier’s pencils definitely made the reading of House of M more enjoyable. As for the story, I found Michael Bendis’ Alias and Secret War a more intriguing read.






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