Incoming – Project BM! 12″ Masked Rider No. 2 The First

22 10 2007

After more than 6 months in storage, my shrink wrapped Masked Rider No. 2 The First is finally ready to appear! I had hunted it in my March 2007 trip to Hong Kong. Though not a Masked Rider fan, I was most captivated by the beautiful sculpt of these The First versions of the grasshopper pair. And I’ve always preferred No. 2’s green and am most thankful that I was able to spot a piece in the Mongkok area. There were several shops retailing it then and it was pretty exciting running around looking for the best price!

Anyway, I was able to catch Masked Rider The First movie as well right after the trip. While the Masked Riders were extremely cool, the story wasn’t particularly interesting. Somehow, I found such Japanese live action movies best enjoyed when I was a kid. I had previously bought the Gamera The Brave DVD and it did not seem worth the dough plonked into it after watching. I just found the re-watching value not there.

One particular exception is Ultraman. I still enjoy seeing variants of this giant hero bashing monsters in the middle of cityscapes! Maybe size does matter after all!

Look to the review!




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26 11 2007

I have to agree that this is a really cool figure. It’s the best masked rider out so far i think. I’ve got mine and hope you guys get yours too!

30 11 2007
Review - Project BM! 12″ Masked Rider No. 2 The First « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] piece that I obtained came shrink wrapped. Nice simple design for the box art. It’s effective in showing the figure we collectors are about to buy. There is a front flap […]

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