Showcase – Revoltech VF-1J Super Valkyrie

18 10 2007

Here’s my first Revoltech – a VF-1J Super Valk from Macross. Was drawn to buy one seeing that they are very poseable. They sacrifice the ability to transform to have over-the-top joints to have anime-like poses. Unfortunately, I found that it wasn’t that easy to get them into good-looking poses as seen in the promo pics and on the box art. And I had to be gentle as these guys are small and can’t take as much of the pressure that I exert on my usual 1/6 figures.





3 responses

11 11 2007

Yeah, it’s not easy to pose them. It takes some time to figure out how to work those joints. But I think at that price point, Revoltechs offer very good value for money. Poseability + loads of accessories + decent paint/sculpt.

11 11 2007

I absolutely dig Revoltech toys. I have a collection of 15 and it’s growing.

The Revolver Joints are durable and won’t loosen over time because they have that ratcheted “clickity” feature. Getting them into poses can be difficult at times though.

12 11 2007

Yeah. The price is a draw(when compared to our 1/6 purchases). I absolutely love the poses that they can make. It’s only limited by our experimentation and creativity.

Thanks for visiting! Thanks for the tip about the joints. Didn’t know they are called Revolver! Although the joints are big for the Revoltech, they are small as compared to the 1/6 figs. So I’m still ‘adjusting’ the force that I apply on them. However, they are very beautiful!

Hey, maybe you can send me some pics of your collection and I can share it here with others? 8)

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