Musings – Reliving 24 Season 5 with the Forward Search

16 10 2007

It’s a week where Mrs SWFToys is busy with a week-long conference working from morning till night… weekends included. As such, there’s some time for me when I get back from work. And I had the inclination to relive 24 Season 5. The waiting for Season 6 has made the inclination strong especially it’s the last lap of the year-long waiting.

So in I plonk Disc 1 into the DVD player to start the adventure from Frank Flynn all over again. However, this second viewing had a difference, I used the fast forward search button on the DVD player controller to skip over parts I did not want to see. Somehow, the assassination part was too depressing to see so it was skipped. Much of the First Lady’s earlier scenes were also promptly skipped. Only parts involving Jack Bauer and CTU were watched in ‘real time’. It’s a good way to re-watch a TV series because you can cover more episodes in a viewing.

I started watching during the weekend and by the start of this week, I had finished 5 discs in about 2 6-hours sessions. Most satisfied with this ‘drug’ overdose. I thought I would watch each episode of the finale disc for each night of the weekday.

The experience of re-watching Season 5 was very enjoyable despite that it was the last season of 24 that I had watched. The twists in each episode still required me to think, “How did it unfold from here?” from time to time. I guess I only remembered selective parts and the ending. But it was nevertheless still a gripping time in front of the TV. The only ‘adverse’ thing was that I was not spending as much time on the computer and I postponed bathing till the night.

And in anticipation of the arrival of my Medicom Season 5 Jack Bauer, I kept scrutinising Jack’s dressing as I was watching each episode to put to memory how much of it would be replicated on the 1/6 counterpart.

It’s really high season for this 24 fan with the DVDs and figure to be released within a stone’s throw of each other! Time to be a couch potato again!




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