Incoming – Tomy Direct 8″ Diecast Darth Vader

14 10 2007

Here’s something unique to grace an Incoming post. It’s Tomy Direct’s 8″ Darth Vader. The cool thing about this fella is that he has a diecast body. Not exactly a 1/6 scale figure, but the diecast content caught my attention. Top it with Darth Vader and I’m all over it! And for a little guy like this, he costs between a Hot Toys figure and a Medicom. Potent little fella isn’t he?

So far the only Darth Vaders that have appeared on SWFToys are the Riddell helmet and the Medicom 400% Kubrick. Pretty disappointing for a Star Wars fan like myself and a 1/6 collector. The pricey nature of the Medicom Darth Vader has put me off buying it. Speaking of the Medicom Vader reminds me of an experience in Nakano last year when I was in one of the toy shops. I actually found a Medicom Vader going for a knocked down price. Carefully wrapped in clear plastic with a rather mint box, I thought the Force was strong on this Vader piece and the time had finally come for me to have this wonderful figure.

When I picked it up from the shelf, I started to hear the “clonking” noises of the plastic pieces inside moving within. It felt like the figure was dismantled and then put inside the box without the plastic tray. To cut the long story short, I went for my second Marmit Boba Fett instead. On hindsight, it may not be as bad as I had thought. Afterall, Japanese retailers should be good with product quality right?

Anyway, I look forward to Sideshow finally making this uber cool Sith Lord.

Look for the review!





4 responses

25 10 2007

The clonking noises were probably made by Vader’s gloves. He had plenty of them and they were loosely packed.

Anyways, this Vader looks good. I thought of getting it but damn, it’s pricey!

25 10 2007

Hi Kenny,
If those noises came from the gloves, then I would missed out on a good deal! But the parts were moving from one side of the box to another!

26 10 2007

Mmmm…… that’s really odd then. Apart from the instruction manual, I can’t imagine what else could have made that noise.

15 11 2007
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