Musings – Hot Toys Appleseed Ex Machina 1/6 Figures Pics Out!!!

8 10 2007

As promised by Hot Toys, the pics of their Appleseed Ex Machina figures are out! As expected, it’s the boyfriend-girlfriend pair of Briareos and Deunan! And both looks absolutely splended!!! OMG!!!! Pop over to Hot Toys for all the pics to ogle at! I can’t wait for the pre-order for this pair. I hope there is one! Hot Toys is certainly putting out a much better challenge this time should Takara be making Appleseed figures as well! Remember their Batman slugout? For me, Takara won that round… but I ended up buying both! Will it happen again???

And the scales of both figures are amazing. Deunan’s 28cm is about slightly over 11″ while Briareos is a whopping 35cm placing him at 14″! The difference in height will be fantastic when we put both of them together! Woohoo!!! Gotta land them!




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18 10 2007

Takara is making Deuman figure actually, not so sure about Bria.

18 10 2007

General consensus is that the Takara will most likely be similar to the Cool Girls figures with rooted hair, bumblebee waist and whatnot; I’d say in that case the HT version will probably be closer to the actual anime look.

Sorry about the double post.

19 10 2007

!@$^#* gorgeous man!

15 02 2008
27 03 2008

yeaah maaan!!!

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