Musings- What I Missed Out Staying Sane

4 10 2007

Is it possible to stay sane when collecting toys? Possible to stay within budget every month and not fret about overspending? Well, apparently it’s possible. I’ve actually done it for a couple of months now. And it’s not too difficult if you remember to wipe away the drool at the edge of your mouth after you have walked away from a cool potential buy. Here are some of the toys that I’ve missed out or did not put down a pre-order during my cold turkey stint…

  • Hot Toys Predator 2
  • Hot Toys M65 John Rambo
  • Max and Miria 1/48 Valkyries
  • Sideshow Bespin Luke Skywalker
  • Sideshow Obi Wan(Sir Alec Guinness version)
  • Sideshow Asajj Ventress
  • Medicom Darth Maul

Surprisingly, it was not a 1/6 figure that was toughest to walk away from. It was the 1/48 scale Max and Miria Valkyrie pair that bugged me for a while. I had actually reserved space on my Macross shelf just for this blue and red pair… since a long time ago. I had given up hope of landing them at a reasonable price. And then the local shop notified me of their incoming. But I’ve spent my toy budget for the month. I pondered… and pondered… and squirmed in my office chair… pondering. What I have always wanted is now presented to me again. SHOULD I GET THEM???

“Get them!”, says the pro-toy brain. “You’ll never know if this chance will present itself again.”

“They are half a grand a pop(in SGD that is)”, says the level-headed part of the brain. “Invest instead. You are family man now.”

Oooh… the family man thing always get me. It’s like a magic eraser that eradicates the last bit of thought about buying an ‘extra’ toy. It’s effective but you feel bad because of the guilt that comes with it. And so, I chose not to dwell on it or act on it. “Gotta let go man”, I told myself. And let go I did.

So in the next few weeks, I will be suggesting some strategies to beat the toy-budget-bursting(TBB) syndrome that collectors often get themselves into. I hope they help collectors in that difficult week where all the cool toys from different producers appear in the same small window of time! And the best of all, they are positive stuff totally guilt-free!

Stay tuned.





7 responses

16 10 2007

OMG! You missed out on Predator 2?!?! You deserve a standing ovation for that.

16 10 2007

Waiting for your anti-TBB syndrome strategies – I believe they should apply for any collectible hobbies 🙂

16 10 2007

Yeah man. I saw some collector’s pics in the forum and it made me want to go hunt for one! It looks so damn good! That bloodied skull and spine looks swell. So is the familiar P2 accessories!

Ha. Look out for them!

17 10 2007

not so much the sideshow stuff – but more so the medicom, takara or hot toys stuff you just know that if you miss out on them that later down the line when you’re in that desperate phase you know you’re gonna pay over the odds for it and then if you hold out more then it goes to a silly price that you can’t justify even to pro toy brain.

17 10 2007

Hi Mo,
Especially Hot Toys, they seldom reissue the same figure. Usually it’s a different version. However, the misery of being in the quagmire of financial debt hurts more than missing out on a figure. Takaras are definitely much harder to resist!

17 10 2007

There’s gonna be 2 versions of the Appleseed figures, one from Takara and one from HT…….choices, choices…

If Takara comes out with a new Jin Roh figure soon, I’m screwed… there’s Ii Naomasa from DiD.

18 10 2007

Hi Gab,
Is that right? Takara joining the fray? Ooo… it’ll be a tough choice since both a excellent 1/6 producers. But I may slant towards Takara in view of their superb Jin Roh figure. Given that Briarieos is a cyborg makes Takara’s way of making the feet most suitable! Super poseable!

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