Incoming – Sideshow 1/6 Holo Darth Sidious with Mechno Chair

24 09 2007

The ultimate 1/6 status symbol has arrived at SWFToys! And it is none other than Sideshow’s Holo Darth Sidious with Mechno Chair(quite a mouthful… henceforth know as HDSMC)! Why is it a status symbol? Well, it is at least in the world of Star Wars as it was often the show-off furniture of the wealthy Neimoidians.

And the Mechno Chair was essentially a chair first than a holo projector. In fact, the holo treatment was more of a modification by its owner – Viceroy Gunray. Other modifications included a hyperwave transceiver(so the holo Darth Sidious can communicate), remotely triggered self-destruction and the ability to inflict nasty damage to unwelcomed visitors through the release of the deadly dioxis gas. Definitely not a furniture of Tatooine natives.

Well, the HDSMC comes in a much smaller box as compared to the boxes of 12″ figures. Its size prompted me to ask the local store whether any assembly is required. The answer is ‘no’. Makes me curious how they stuff Sidious and the chair into it.

Anyway, a review should be coming up soon! Look for it.




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