Showcase – Sideshow Marvel Legendary Scale Iron Man Bust

20 09 2007

Weighing a hefty 6 kilograms, Sideshow Marvel’s Legendary Scale Iron Man bust was a real challenge to cart home on a motorcycle singlehandedly. Fortunately, I’ve had some experience pillioning big boxes (like Jabba the Hutt) and it helped in this case. Honestly, I did not know how big was this bust when I put down a deposit for its pre-order. I just know it wasn’t 1:1 scale! If it was this big, I would really had a problem on my hands.

This Iron Man bust is an absolute beauty. All that red and golden colours are simply magnificent. I was so excited about it that I introduced Iron Man to Mrs SWFToys saying, “The Iron Man movie is coming out in May next year!” She replied, “You sure that it’s not in January or February? He’s so red he looks more suited for a Chinese Lunar New Year movie release.” Grrrrrrrr!!!! “How dare you say that of the supremely cool Iron Man?” I thought to myself. But before I could say anything, she had trotted out of the room.

Anyway, this Legendary Scale bust is absolutely beautiful to look at. The sculpt of Anthony Stark is perfect… brooding and intense. With the face plate on, it’s only missing light glowing from the eyes to burst the cool meter! This bust has got me thinking about collecting other busts from this series. The Doctor Doom Legendary Scale bust looks promising but I seemed to have missed out on the pre-order. Maybe there will be others… hmmm.. War Machine hopefully?

Enjoy the pics.




3 responses

24 09 2007

Girls, they’ll never understand. My girlfriend keeps referring Darth Maul as Darth Meow. Brrr….

24 09 2007

Maul will never take being called ‘Meow’ sitting down. Girls will be girls… tsk tsk. 8P

27 09 2007

yea, i triple that!!!

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