Comics – Transformers: War Within Vol 2

18 09 2007

Transformers: War Within Vol 2

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Here’s Volume 2 of Transformers: War Within written by Simon Furman and drawn by Andrew Wildman. The story in War Within Vol 2 does not follow immediately after Vol 1. I’m not sure what is the time gap but there are significant changes to the Transformers factions. Optimus Prime and Megatron had disappeared after an accident leaving the Autobots and Decepticons leaderless.

And expected, the two factions fragmented, each with their own leaders. It was quite confusing to me initially as I had not idea of the story’s setting. Prowl was heading the Autobots, Starscream led the Predacons(isn’t that the name of one of the Decepticon combiner groups?), the Decepticons came under Shockwave and Grimlock commandeered a group with a creative name – Lightning Strike Coalition. And Bludgeon headed another called Chaos Trinity. That’s a lot of group names to take in right at the start.

Well, the Chaos Trinity was also ‘blessed’ with the arrival of an entity who imposed his leadership over the group. This entity is known as ‘The Fallen’ whom i later discovered was supposed released from some form of imprisonment. But prior to this, I was under another erroneous impression from how I interpreted the events as they were laid out.

The Optimus Prime and Megatron accident happened in 2 pages, a mysterious entity known as ‘The Fallen’ popped out in the next. For a moment I thought ‘The Fallen’ was the result of Optimus and Megatron ‘merged’ as a result of the accident. I mean, ‘The Fallen’ had a face resembling Optimus and body resembling the War Within Megatron. Looks like I was way off the mark then.

And it seemed that ‘The Fallen’ had an unknown agenda that came with his new lease of freedom. The Transformers were just pawns that would help ‘The Fallen’ reach that goal. With the different Transformers factions bitterly fighting amongst themselves, only Jetfire and Shockwave had the slightest inclination that something was amiss.

While the story is a good read, it’s essentially simple in its essence. Despite its simplicity I was still confused as to what The Fallen’s agenda was. The story does well, however, to show the civil wars the Cybertronians were embroiled in in their history. How they struggled for peaceful reconciliations and the toll of such conflicts on Cyberton.

The pencils and the inks in War Within Vol 2 is good. Andrew Wildman’s pencils are just as enjoyable as Dan Figueroa’s. The inks fleshed out the different moods of the Cybertronian environments very aptly.

Transformers War Within is worth a read if you are a Transformer fan or have some curiosity of the Transformers’ history. If you are looking for meaty stuff, I doubt you will find it here. I still find pat Lee’s G1 take a more meaningful treatment on the emotional side.




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