Announcements – Change of Blog Theme for Year Two

2 09 2007

With Year One behind me and Year Two ahead, I guess it would also be a good time to refresh the look of this blog. WordPress has put out quite a number of new themes which I had resisted the temptation to change to. I am not really in favour of changing themes every other week. The current 2 column brownish theme works for the everyday purposes of SWFToys but one major problem is that the blog title is always competing with the pages. As more pages are put out, the blog title slides further down. At times, the tagline gets truncated. It has restricted me in putting out other pages that might serve a useful purpose.

And… I would like to have a header pic that I can call my own! Something to reflect the nature of this blog. I’ve yet to dream up something for the header but it will happen down the road.

So with this new theme, I get some reprieve with respect to these 2 aspects.

Enjoy the new look!





2 responses

8 09 2007

A Star Wars themed header perhaps?

8 09 2007

Yeah. I was thinking of that. Maybe something like The Dented Helmet’s effect.

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